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Joan M. Ladendorf Creates Mesmerizing Mandalas through the Magic of Digital Photography

Capturing the artful combination of a delicate snowflake, dainty doily, and a colorful cathedral window, Joan Ladendorf’s brilliantly assembled mandalas are positively mesmerizing.

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Creating what she calls “Fun with Symmetry” begins with images taken using her digital camera. From there she moves them to the computer where the magic happens. She morphs her subject matter using Photoshop’s various layering techniques and then further enhances them with dimensional and kaleidoscopic special effects. The end result is a brand-new creation that even surprises the artist, herself!

Artist Name: Joan M. Ladendorf

Town: Hanover Park, IL

Medium: Digital Photography

Varied Art Background includes: Theater costuming, graphic design, traditional quilt-making and various art quilt techniques and styles; also fabric compositions using cotton batik fabrics with abstract shapes and transparency effects.

Artist Statement: “I like the idea of symmetry and the patterns that emerge using computerized techniques are always a delightful surprise to me. In fact, I sit there in anticipation of what will be achieved using these computerized tools. What you can do with digital cameras right now is so much fun. I took a basic class initially on digital photography, but have now developed my own techniques and am enjoying the exploration.”

Encouraging Words: “As artists, we must all be willing to experiment. Not everything you produce has to be wonderful – mess around with it, learn, experiment – see what works. Too many people are so worried that everything they create must be successful. Just take the detours and see where those lead you. Try new things. Notice what’s around you from the patterns of leaves to the frost on the window – be inspired by your surroundings.”

Membership: Elmhurst Art Guild

Where Displayed: Elmhurst Artists’ Guild Spring Members Show now until May 21, 2021 at the Elmhurst Art Museum, 150 Cottage Hill Avenue, Elmhurst, IL

Next Outdoor Fine Art Show on her schedule:

June 5 Saturday 10am - 5pm - June 6 Sunday 10am - 4pm

Ballyhoo at the Zoo Fine Art Fair

Formerly the Monument Square Art Festival, the Racine Arts Council will present this year's art fair at the Racine Zoo on Lake Michigan

To purchase these images as a 12-inch or 24-inch square print, or simply to learn more about Joan, visit her website at:



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