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Aurora, IL Artist Gives Away His Art for Free to Those Who Need to be Uplifted

Artist and owner of TALENTO CREATIONS, Johnny Felix, is a busy creative who believes in giving back and making the time to help those who need encouragement. Scroll down to see his artwork...

Name: Johnny Felix

Town: Aurora, IL

Medium: oil, charcoal, colored pencil, acrylic; often adds hologram glitter (creates movement) or glow-in-the-dark paint for an extra touch of whimsy

Education: Graphic Design, Waubonsee Community College

Favorite subjects to draw: Baseball and sports-related imagery; he played baseball (short stop and pitcher) for 19 years!

Enjoys adding motivational quotes: Look closely at his work because inspiring words may be hidden inside the imagery.

Encouragement: “The Impossible is Possible. Pursue your niche with passion.”

Challenges: Working more efficiently to produce work within assigned deadlines.

Price range: Starts at $60 on up

Gives art away for FREE. Johnny says: “Check your front door – there may be some wrapped art there for you!” He thrives on creating an artistic surprise for someone who needs uplifting – see artwork posted below for a 4-year-old girl fighting cancer.

See his artwork at:

· Institute of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture, Chicago, IL

· Chupacabra Puerto Rican Kitchen, 31 N. Broadway, Aurora, IL

· Offices of Good Morning, Aurora in Aurora, IL

Accepts Commissions

Contact him at:; and Instagram @talento_creations


MJ & Kobe


FARRUKO (Singer)


Four-year-old local cancer patient was gifted with a picture showing her as a caped super- hero with a flock of encouraging fairies flying above.

KOBE & GIGI... An example of one of his glow-in-the-dark pieces. Fine Line Creative Arts Center |



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