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Artist, Kate Batkiewicz, has Discovered that Even Nature Layers Her Colors!

Name: Kate Batkiewicz

Town: Bourbonnais, Illinois

Medium: Acrylics

Size of painting  Height 24, length 36

Available for sale -- contact information below 

Artist Statement...


“Art will never be able to exist without nature.” ~ Pierre Bonnard 


"Nature’s beauty is all around us, and my desire is to reflect its splendor in my paintings.

I’m inspired by lake sunsets, fresh fallen snow on a mountain, ocean sunrises, or the simple beauty of a cornfield at harvest time. 


I use acrylics as a medium. Most of my paintings are done in thin layers of color. I have found that when I study nature, there are multiple layers of color hidden in reflections of light and shadows. It is in painting these layers that my paintings come to life.


Every landscape in my collection has inspired me, and in return was a celebration to paint. While I am glad to have captured the joy they brought to me, I hope you also get a taste of nature's complex beauty, and it inspires you as well." ###

It is for sale. 

Contact Kate Batkiewicz

815 529-0035

Face book page: My Best Impressions

Kate poses with her work -- great way to get a sense of the painting's size.



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