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When it Comes to Sheila Lamberson's Oil Painting, It's All About the Power of Observation

Sheila's "From the Road" captures the movement and energy of a sky dominated by fair weather clouds. Scroll down for more of Sheila's artwork...

Artist: Sheila Lamberson

Town: Bloomington, IL

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas, linen-covered board or birch panels

Recent Fox Valley-area juried show appearance: “On the Wing” at Fine Line Creative Arts Center, St. Charles, IL

Art Education: BFA in painting and drawing from Southern IL University

Words of wisdom to young (and all) artists: “You need to look more than you paint. Know when to stop – don’t over-work. Walk away for a day or two and then come back. Something will jump out at you that needs re-direction once you see it with fresh eyes. And don’t forget to take pictures of your progress as you work on a piece!”

Sheila is fond of saying, “I practice seeing! I simply cannot stop myself. I observe everything around me – inside, outside – always refining my observation skills. I’m captivated by light, shadows, shapes and color – I want to capture it all in a painting.”

Add to this her fascination for reflections, changing skies and wafting clouds, water sports, the challenges of transferring all that subject matter energy onto her layered work, and the final result is WOW.

She even takes underwater photos to look for more interesting reflections, patterns, and composition.

“I like to set up little challenges for myself and problems to solve,” she said -- all designed to help her artistry and observational skills grow.

Currently, she’s striving for a more minimalist approach by making every stroke count -- giving the impression there’s more detail than is really there. “Once you capture the essence, the eyes fill in the blanks,” she explains.

Sheila accepts commissions and her price range runs anywhere from $100 for a

5" x 7" or 8" x 10" to $2400. Check out her website for more information:

March of the Koi, 36" x 24" oil

Snorkeling with Koi. 24" x 36" oil

Wade, 40" x 30", oil

Dance of the Koi, 36" x 36", oil

Northbound, 24" x 24", oil

Sheila Lamberson loves the "lusciousness" of oil paint and using it in non-traditional imagery. Learn more Fine Line Creative Arts Center |


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