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Watercolorist Describes Her Work as Organic & Natural -- Deeply Rooted in the Earth and Nature

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Geneva, IL watercolor artist, Ana Zanic, loves nothing more than immersing herself in a new project that's motivated by the soothing colors and shapes of nature.

For watercolorist, Ana Zanic, the most exciting part of her process is facing a blank sheet of paper as she prepares to jump into a new project. No pre-conceived ideas necessary.

“Watercolor is so spontaneous in the technique,” she explains. “The method is liberating – it’s like meditation as you just let go without the need to think.”

Area residents can soon see “Internal Wanderings” her one-woman show and the Center’s first solo exhibit at the Geneva Center for the Arts, 321 Stevens Street, Suite Q, Geneva, IL running from January 14, 2022 to February 18, 2022.

Ana has been painting successfully for 20 years and developing her own intuitive, visual arts language. Originally from Croatia, where she studied both art education and studio arts/painting, she also descends from a long line of creative family members with a rich artistic history.

Although always drawn to the arts, loving both singing and dancing, the visual arts held its strongest pull for her. Her childhood was filled with doodling, drawing and making things. Because so many family members were already professionally engaged in the arts, she benefitted from their encouragement.

As an introvert, Ana says she needs a lot of focus and solitude when she works preferring an environment that’s devoid of distractions. She is grateful for a designated studio in her own home that allows her uninterrupted creativity.

Ana consistently finds her inspiration in nature looking at its shapes and forms in an abstract way and then following her inner voice.

“I don’t want the titles on my paintings to limit the viewer in any way,” she notes. “It should speak to people in different ways without trying to control reactions. In general, artists should create what’s right for them by being sincere and true to their process without worrying if they’ve created something that people will buy. It’s best simply to do what is right as an artist and trusting your gut.”

Ana adds that during Giving Tuesday 2021, she organized a fund-raiser for Mooseheart Child City and School near Aurora, IL, through her Instagram account. She placed two of her small-scale watercolors up for bidding and raised $750 that will go directly to them. For personal reasons, this organization is very close to her heart.

And, at Barnes and Noble bookstore, she is featured in a seven-page article, "Making My Mark", discussing her art studio and art practice in the winter issue of "In Her Studio" magazine.

Ana's work can be found in numerous private and public collections across the United States, as well as internationally in Croatia, Italy, Germany, China and Australia. She is represented by Kathryn Markel Fine Arts in New York; Chicago Art Source Gallery 1871 in Chicago; Walker

Fine Art in Denver; and Olson Larsen in Des Moines.

Learn more about Ana at:




Viridis Series, 30" high x 22" wide; watercolor

Viridis Series, 30" high x 22" wide; watercolor

Origin Series; watercolor 40" high x 27" wide

Origin Series; watercolor; 40" high x 32" wide


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