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'Tis the Season to Don a Festive Chapeau & Matching Scarf by Sierra Cole

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

If you love hats and like rainbows, you’re about to meet the milliner of your dreams – fiber artist, Sierra Cole. Traveling extensively to art fairs displaying her handcrafted felted hats and hand-loomed scarves, you can find her annually at the Geneva, IL Fine Arts Fair minding her vibrant booth. Scroll down for more photos...

“Working with color is one of my favorite things,” Sierra says. “That, along with being my own boss and controlling my own schedule, makes working this hard worthwhile.”

In 2022, she appeared in almost two dozen shows across eight different states however the Geneva Fine Arts show remains a perennial favorite.

Armed with a BFA from Michigan State in graphic design and printmaking, she discovered felting around 2002 and instantly loved its versatility.

Prior to that she was in craft fairs selling her own jewelry but felting quickly became her sole focus.

To first make a hat, she hand-knits the fabric using a wool/mohair blend then felts it in the washing machine followed by air drying. Once her raw material is complete, she begins the hat-making steps. The rolled-brim hat style can be worn either turned up or down for a more cloche-like look.

She weaves the scarves on a 45” floor loom using a combination of Tencel from Eucalyptus and Merino wool or alpaca silk yarn. Their finished length measures either 75” or 85” and match back to the hats.

"Many times, customers who see my work in person during the heat of summer come back the following year and say, “I thought about that hat all winter and I’m definitely buying one now!”

Check her website for her fair calendar, or simply place an order!

Stylish rolled-brim hat can be worn two ways -- brim up or down!

Sierra's colorful booth draws a happy crowd.

Hand-loomed scarf with fringe by Sierra.

Hand-loomed scarf with fringe by Sierra.

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