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The Fanciful Prairie Landscapes of Local Artist Captures Their Subtle Seasonal Beauty

"Prairie Flowers" by soft pastel artist, Lynn Krause...scroll down for more artwork...

If you live in the Midwest, chances are there’s a prairie not far from your house. The subtle beauty of these windswept wild places can easily be overlooked or completely overshadowed by other types of landscape art such as snowcapped mountains or a tranquil seaside.

However, not to Woodstock, IL soft pastel artist, Lynn Krause. She started noticing the wonderful prairie plants growing along unmowed embankments in her area and decided to learn more about them. Her interest steadily grew the more she learned by checking out library books and ordering online to further her understanding.

“Slowly, over the years, I developed my style,” Lynn explains. “I visited Woodstock prairies observing plants and grasses growing there that are of Midwest origin. I especially like the variety of grasses.”

And she knows them by name such as rye, prairie dropseed, common spiderwort, nodding wild onion, prairie coreopsis, purple coneflowers, goldenrod, clover, and wild indigo, to name a few.

“I love observing their movement,” she adds. “Our planet is so amazing with such beauty growing all around us. I enjoy finding the time to take it all in and getting to know these amazing plants throughout their seasons.”

Seeing how Lynn’s work illustrates the interplay of prairie plants dancing in an autumn wind or on a moonlit summer night, you too can feel that same power and pull of the prairie that she does– majestic in its own extraordinary way.

Lynn participates in local art shows starting around April of each year and spends her winters producing new work. She will be hosting an open house in November at her home studio. Learn more here: Lynn Krause Pastels

FIREFLY NIGHT; soft pastel 30" x 36"

By Lynn Krause

By Lynn Krause

By Lynn Krause



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