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Catch Tina Misantoni's Whimsical Fat Cat & Bird Art at Wheaton Public Library Until May 31, 2024

Updated: May 22

Tina's adorable mixed media "Toucan Do It" is one of about a dozen pieces hanging in the art gallery area of the Wheaton Public Library, 225 N. Cross Street, Wheaton, IL. Scroll down to view more from Tina's collection there...

Tina states that her artwork captures a "folk art feel" -- a style that she's always enjoyed. She hopes her work will make viewers laugh or smile as they take in the amusing details. The idea behind combining birds and cats is for them to ideally experience a friendship even if it is only for the course of the show! Tina is a Wheaton resident. For more information, see her ARTIST STATEMENT with email for purchasing, below.

"Sewing Seeds of Joy"

"Fruit Loop the Bird"

"My Wish Come True"

EMAIL: for purchase information.



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