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Talented & Energetic Bridget Vrtis Embraces a Spontaneous Approach to her Art Career

An avid skateboarder and multi-talented artist, Bridget Vrtis, spots a "canvas" for her work in places other artists might easily overlook! Scroll down for more of her artwork...

Name: Bridget Vrtis

Town: Huntley, IL

Words of Wisdom: "Art is a path to inner wisdom. The more you create, the more you learn about your craft AND yourself."

Entrepreneurial and extremely artistic, twenty-two-year-old, Bridget Vrtis, is the very definition of a go-getter. Owner of her own business already, Building Bridges Art, she takes her career vision step-by-step while enjoying the unfolding journey.

Not bound to any particular medium, she embraces many. They include everything from creating henna tattoos, sidewalk chalk art, murals, acrylic paintings and free-form crochet. Loving animals and nature, she crafts nature-inspired jewelry using natural elements like real flowers, insects, and even shark teeth!

“Before the pandemic, I started creating hand-drawn henna tattoos at outdoor events,” she says. “I also enjoy drawing giant sidewalk chalk art in public areas like a library or forest preserve path as a way to get my artwork out there.”

Bridget poses in front of a library with one of her chalk art creations.

And, as a result, of her love of skateboarding, she was commissioned to do murals at The Den -- a popular skateboarding park in Oswego, IL. See her exterior 30-foot by 12-foot mural below.

Additionally, she enjoys teaching where she can inspire youth to find their own voice through creativity. She can often be found giving classes at Warp Corps in Woodstock, IL – a creative space that focuses on preventing substance abuse, homelessness, and helps with suicide prevention.

Bridget gladly accepts commissions. Stop by to visit her art tent at the upcoming Founders’ Day event in Algonquin, IL running Thursday, July 28 through Sunday, July 31, 2022.

Check out her work and art fair schedule at

Facebook: @buildingbridgesart

Instagram: @building_bridges_art

Bridget can barely be seen in the left corner of the lion's mane of the mural she created for The Den skateboard park in Oswego, IL

Bridget enjoys working with various types of yarn creating colorful, wearable designs.

Bridget's intricate henna designs provide a fun outlet at outdoor fairs and festivals.

Believe it or not, this was the first portrait Bridget ever painted! Learn more Learn more Fine Line Creative Arts Center |


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