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Step Inside a Successful Local Artist's Home-based Studio -- Get Her Organization Tips & More!

Oil painter, Janice Czerwinski, Aurora, IL, poses with her trusty Home Depot purchase -- a HUSKY 4-drawer tool organizer on wheels -- where she keeps brushes, oil paints, smaller canvas boards and more at the ready. Her work in progress on the easel is titled: ROLLER COASTER, oil on panel 52" x 24". See more studio photos below...

Stepping into an artist’s studio is like taking a peek at the creative engine behind the artwork by lifting up the hood.

Important elements such as lighting, floor space, storage, and organization combine to help keep work flowing more effortlessly. Tucking meaningful, personal items here and there around the room can spark inspiration and create a comfortable, homier atmosphere.

This week, Art BEAT's publisher, Lynne Kornecki, had the pleasure of visiting Janice Czerwinski’s Aurora, IL home-based studio. Janice is an award-winning oil painter well known, especially, for her realistic coastal and seashore paintings. One look at her outstanding work is an instant vacation! Seeing her studio helps better understand the work ethic behind her consistent productivity.

While painting in this well-lit area that includes a large window, she listens to Christian music which provides an inspirational soundtrack.

“You really don’t need a big space for your work area,” Janice notes. She has transformed a former den, about 12 ft. x 15 ft. into her workspace where she thrives on its privacy and convenience.

“Good lighting is important along with organization and storage space,” she advises as she points out a wall of kitchen cabinetry installed beneath a countertop that maximizes her work surface and storage areas.

Although she enjoys her home-based studio, she actually considers herself a plein air painter. According to Janice, nothing beats painting outside under the sun with wind in her hair, painting crashing waves and sea mist, along with endless skies. Soaking up all that Mother Nature offers continues to be her preference. Later, she brings her plein air work, along with lots of photos, back to her studio for completion on a much larger scale.

Janice only sells originals of her work -- no prints are available, and she never totally duplicates previous pieces. Her paintings are always one-of-a-kind.

How does she keep her studio life thriving?

Janice believes in maintaining a consistent daily routine. “I’m very structured,” she says. “I’m in here by 10 AM, and depending on other responsibilities for my day, will often work six to eight hours straight.”

Adding to this, she has regularly scheduled give-back time by taking off every Tuesday to deliver Meals on Wheels to Aurora, IL seniors.

Janice’s balanced approach to her creative life not only enriches her studio time but brings joy to others. Whether she’s delivering a hot meal to a homebound senior or adding beauty to the world through her art, Janice provides a solid role model for us all to follow.

Learn more about her here, including upcoming shows and artist talks: Janice Czerwinski Fine Art

Drawer #1 inside the HUSKY tool organizer contains tubes of Janice's paints.

Drawer #2 brims with brushes.

A wall of kitchen cabinetry below a serviceable countertop significantly expands work surface and storage areas. Note the award ribbons and extra-large seashell!

Finished art lines yet another wall showing some of her other favorite subjects.

Long since SOLD -- PELICANS IN FLIGHT has to be one of my all-time favorite pieces that Janice has painted. One look transports the viewer to a place of instant calm! Ahhhh....


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