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Sarah McNabb Thrives on "It was a dark & stormy night" Approach to Art & Giving Back to Others

If it “goes bump in the night” Sarah McNabb will be first on the scene to capture it on an illustration board. Talented St. Charles, IL Sarah McNabb, who holds an undergraduate degree in illustration, draws her subjects with power and precision using a mixed media approach. Her artistic mindset isn’t about creating art fit for mass consumption or what will sell. It’s about what’s in her “system” at the time and executing it flawlessly.

“I’ve always been attracted to the dark side,” Sarah explains. “Gothic, creepy, ghosts, and Stephen King stories. I’m just naturally inclined toward the surreal and the unexplainable. I like creating art that is both beautiful and unsettling.”

Her piece, “Cardinal Sins” currently in the Kavanaugh Gallery’s “On the Wing” exhibit at Fine Line Creative Arts Center, 6N158 Crane Road, in St. Charles, IL literally shows a cardinal with a poison ring in its beak and dropping it into the chalice containing wine. As Sarah reflects on her piece, she notes that it’s up to the viewer to interpret.

Sarah draws inspiration from many things in the world around her from extensive travels to her own backyard garden. Although no longer working as a graphic designer but in marketing instead, she still finds plenty of time to dedicate to her artwork. She’s also determined to pay her success forward.

Since 2015, she has made 90 micro loans through

the recipient of her art sales proceeds.

This non-profit focuses on the economic development of women all over the globe. Its website states that as little as $25 can make a big change in someone’s life.

“I like the idea of sowing little seeds like this that can make a difference in someone else's life,” she says. She’s also donated money to the development of a pollinator habitat.

Her nature reclamation series represents the poetic persistence of nature reclaiming the earth after humans have destroyed themselves. A drawing within this collection, "The Royal Shall Inherit the Earth" (below) highlights the plight of bees and the endangerment of monarch butterflies, illustrating a scene where they have the last laugh.

Her words of encouragement to other artists: “Don’t silo yourself by sticking to one medium. Widen your horizons and combine mediums to see what’s possible. Your art is for you. Enjoy the freedom to draw what you want.”

For more information about Sarah, visit her website:

and where you will find signed and numbered gloss canvas prints of her pieces for sale.

AMBROSIA, part of her Nature Reclamation Series; mixed media of pen, marker, ink, colored pencil with touches of acrylic for highlights.

BAROQUEN HEART; Dream Domain Series; mixed media as listed above.

e Line Creative Arts Center |

CARDINAL SINS; Nature Reclamation Series, available for auction as an NFT.

FRAU TRUDE, German Fairytale Series



THE BEST LAID PLANS, Color Study Series


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