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President of Naperville Art League & Artist, Sally Sharp, Enjoys Learning Something New Each Day

Sally Sharp, Naperville Art League president, poses in the art league's gallery, 508 N. Center Street, where she volunteers weekly, exhibits her own artwork, and teaches. Her favorite medium is oil pastel and the cold wax process. She says: "It never gets old -- I learn something new everyday." Scroll down to see artwork.

Art Education: BFA, Western Illinois University

Mixed Media: Original oil, wax, oil stick, oil pastel; cold wax process

Words of Wisdom: “Whether you make art or appreciate it, it’s of mutual benefit. It simply does something good for your psyche -- heart and soul.”

When it comes to Sally Sharp’s work, she readily acknowledges, “Art is just what I do.” And, does she ever. The work she produces, especially using the oil pastel and cold wax process in creating her “atmospheric landscapes” and other pieces, is simply gorgeous.

She explains that the oil pastel and cold wax process consists of layering without brushes using up to 50 layers of paint – putting on and taking off – bringing up the colors from beneath.

“It’s all about enjoying the freedom of experimentation and seeing the results form before your very eyes,” she continues. “Because as you put the colors down, it tells you what image is developing.” It allows the artist to literally “go with the flow.”

Find more of Sally’s art at: Sally Sharp Fine Art (

For custom work, commissions, and portraits upon request,



Currently, the Naperville Art League & Gallery, 508 N. Center Street, is celebrating its 60th anniversary, and has about 185 members. The building contains an inviting, window-lit gallery area, along with space for workshops, studio time, and classes. The Riverwalk Fine Art Fair is their biggest event and has run in Naperville at Main & Jackson for 36 years. An artist magazine recently voted it as one of the Top 100 art fairs in the U.S.


The FIBER ART DIVAS will be its Guest Show in the gallery running from 10/26/2021 to November 6. After that, the League’s Holiday Show, packed with art and affordable gifts, begins November 12 and runs through December 23.

TREES by Sally Sharp is an example of her oil pastel, cold wax process with upwards of 50 layers of paint resulting in a depth of color and shadow that is truly breathtaking.

Sally's daughter and a recent art show HONORABLE MENTION winner.


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