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Mixed Media Artist Loves Fashion & Fabric Adding Fun Embellishment to Her Work

Alicia's mixed media piece, BLACK BEAUTY, three-dimensionally pops against a black background featuring textured curly hair, pink lips and coordinated eye shadow, false eyelashes and sparkling accessories -- all adding up to a little more glam. She wears a tie-dyed colored, off-the-shoulder shirt, made for the perfect date night.

Bolingbrook, IL artist, Alicia Staples, readily admits with a smile she just can't pass up a sale on fabric! Happily stockpiling an array of fabrics, she never knows exactly where her inspiration will take her -- therefore she always needs to keep on hand a good inventory of colorful fabrics and sparkly embellishments.

Drawing since childhood, she's always favored fashion illustration/design and embraced the goals of empowering women. "As a single mother of a daughter, I've always taught her that she matters, she deserves to be seen and heard. It's a powerful way of viewing the world," Alicia observes.

Although Alicia has a demanding day job, she looks forward to her art time where she can express her creativity freely and enjoy the relaxation that comes along with that. Her artist statement sums it up well...

"I am an artist/fashion design illustrator/mixed media artist in Illinois. I draw and paint pictorial and graphic artwork, and I add embellishments and fabrics. Some are 2-dimensional, and some are both 2- and 3-dimensional art. I typically work in charcoal pencil, acrylic and oil paints on square white and black canvas boards of various sizes. ​I recently started a business to sell my original artwork, All Things Glam, LLC this year 2023. My work is inspired by my love for art and passion for fashion and beauty of women."

Currently, Alicia's artwork can be seen at Naperville Art League & Gallery, 508 N. Center Street in Naperville, IL and also LKC Gallery in Chicago at 2449 W. 79th Street. Find her business card (below) along with more "Glam" artwork...





TRAVELER'S MOMENTOS even features a working flashlight -- now on display at Naperville Art League & Gallery.

Artist, Alicia Staples.


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