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Meet Multi-talented Dorothy Bury Shaw

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Resides: Downers Grove, IL

Mixed Media: Ink, watercolor, colored pencil

Education: Chicago Academy of Fine Arts

Inspiration: Nature, poetic language & poetry, symbolism, textiles, pottery, mosaic, tribal art, and ancient manuscripts from diverse cultures around the globe.

Subject matter: Intimate connection with the Divine; meaningful experiences in relationships

Authored her first book in 2018: “Love Without Distance – A Heartscape of Art & Verse”

Current Show: “Nature’s Storied Paths”, Mayslake Peabody Estate, 1717W. 31st Street, Oak Brook, IL through March 8, 2020


Dorothy’s award-winning work is resplendent in dreamy, exotic imagery ripe with imagination and reminiscent of far-away places you always wanted to visit. This gifted artist who resides with her husband in Downers Grove, IL has won many awards and appeared in distinguished exhibitions. Art collectors from Israel and Europe to across the United States proudly hang her work in their homes.

Dorothy describes her artistic process as lengthy – coming directly from her head and intuition, not photographs. As she draws faces and experiments with their poses, she eventually just goes with her gut, when at a certain point, the work just feels right.

To ignite her fertile imagination, she often begins her creative sessions with a meditation sitting in silence and focusing upon her Source. While working, she has music playing softly in the background.

“I bring the whole of my being into my art,” she explains. “A powerful energy emerges as the piece progresses. While I am drawing or painting, it is very much like praying. My art table truly is an altar where the ego is sacrificed so that the quiet voice within may speak.”

Dorothy is also a gifted writer saving and sharing her poems with others through her work. Dorothy’s book, “Love Without Distance” is available at, and also at her own website:


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