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Maureen McKee's Creative Flexibility Gives Free Rein to Her Artistic Expression

19 Peonies, oil, framed 20" x 16", as they appeared freshly picked from Maureen McKee's backyard garden. $1600 Scroll down for more artwork...

Name: Maureen McKee

Town: Naperville, IL

Media: Oil, oil pastel, oil stick and monotypes (See below for monotype information)

Favorite Subjects: landscapes, florals, still life, & abstracts

Words of Wisdom: “Have fun and let your energy flow. Enjoy the process and don’t get burdened down by your skill level. In time, things start coming together – just keep observing and keep on drawing.”

If rainbows didn’t exist in this world, no doubt, Maureen McKee would have created one. Her love of rich, vibrant color is the hallmark of her work which she describes as having impressionistic tendencies. Her masterful handling of rhythm and movement thoroughly engages the eye and imbues her subject matter with additional life.

Maureen, who is a versatile artist, was especially captivated by the monotype process after taking a course in it. She rented time from a print shop in Oak Park where she could produce her images using their press. When the shop closed for good, she decided to purchase the press which required five strong men to move it down into her basement.

Here's Maureen printing on her own press -- more information on MONOTYPES below.

“I love the abstract images it produces and the spontaneity of the results,” she explains. “Drips and splashes in my abstracts become visual anchor points that add detail. My intuition gets to have free rein resulting in an emotional high for me.”

She adds that discovering oil was a good fit for her because she likes its flexibility. The pigments don’t dry quickly giving her the ability to scrape off, apply more, or use a palette knife – all of which are an asset to her creative process.

When it comes to landscapes, they’re always interesting for her because of the changing seasons and sun positions creating interesting patterns of light and shadow. Although plein air is a great way to capture the subtleties of nature, she describes herself as “seasonally challenged” preferring to paint outdoors only in fair weather.

“Every painting takes its own path,” McKee explains. “You’ll start a project and suddenly it takes on a life of its own and follows the road it’s meant to follow.”

While working from a photo reference, she may discover something in it that was missed initially or it might inspire her to change direction. Flexibility, it seems, is a key attribute in Maureen’s successful approach to her art projects.

“Art inspires and uplifts me,” she sums up. “It’s actually art therapy by allowing us all to go into our own world and helping us forget our troubles.”

Learn more about Maureen at:


The Copper Pot & Green Pear, 20" x 16", oil painting, framed, $1600

"Tonight's Dessert" 14" x 11" oil painting framed $795

"Catch the Wave" monotype -- printed on Rives BFK paper, image area 25" x 19" $650

"Sunlit Valley" 14" x 11" oil painting framed $795


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