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Marmion Academy Art Teacher, Elisabeth Dzuricsko, is taking her show, "Narratives" on the Road

MOM 2021, Oil on 8" x 10" canvas; recreation from a photo in Elisabeth's baby book. (Scroll down for more artwork...)

“Narratives” by Marmion Academy art instructor, Elisabeth Dzuricsko, was recently featured in the Aurora, IL school’s Dr. Scholl Gallery from February 1- March 6, 2022, and is now on its way to DeKalb Area Women’s Center, Great Hall Exhibition Space, 1021 State Street, in DeKalb, IL. It runs there April 3 through April 29, 2022 on Fridays from 7-9 PM, and by appointment at Closing reception is scheduled for Friday, April 29 from 7-9 PM.

“Narratives” includes about 60 pieces of art in a variety of mediums such as drawing, installation, printmaking, ceramics, and mixed media created over the past six years. For the last 22 years, Elisabeth has been both an art instructor and the gallery director at Marmion Academy.

Her show contains recurring themes and repeated images supporting life stories both real and imagined. She hopes to engage her viewers into asking themselves questions about what they’re observing.

“One of the things I hope my show conveys relates to communication,” Elisabeth explains. “Often what people say and what others hear can be so completely disconnected.”

One of her 3-dimensional pieces includes a lab coat constructed entirely from security envelopes collected from the school’s finance office as well as her own mailings.

Elisabeth models her creation, a lab coat constructed entirely of security envelopes.

“I was initially drawn to them because of their security pattern,” she explains. “And making them into a type of garment that hides yourself made me think about the secrets behind our lives – what gets shown and what doesn’t – in our interactions allowed through that security envelope window.”

Her students found the lab coat intriguing and have tried it on often. Some were puzzled by it, not quite sure what to think. However, as she suggests, the lab coat can represent both the daily quandary of what to wear, and the uniform of experimentation.

Elisabeth is clearly someone who gives her art substantial thought. She knows how to engage the mind as well as the eye, then invites the viewer to go on the journey with her. And the fun part? Your destination is not pre-determined but guided completely by your own imagination.

PARTICLE DISCO 2019, layered photo, acrylic paint, $150

Self-portrait of Elisabeth as a rabbit.

A selection of Elisabeth's art from "NARRATIVES".




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