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Local Fashion-forward Artist Thrives on Designing Both Wall and Wearable Art!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

If you're hooked on any of Karlana Pedersen's designs, hang it on your arm and on your wall! This clever artist knows how to stretch her creativity in multiple directions. Scroll down for more examples of her work...

If there’s such a word as “handbag-ista”, then Karlana Pedersen fills the bill! Describing herself as a “purse person”, this talented, fashion-forward artist creates statement handbags using her own original artwork. Customers could actually hang one of her acrylic paintings on their wall and then walk off with the same design on their arm! Crafted in premium vegan leather, they are custom printed and made to order.

Available in different-sized hand-held, shoulder bag or crossbody styles, these well-designed, one-of-kind purses make an eye-catching conversation piece for any art lover.

“I always like seeing what other artists are producing,” Karlana says. “When I saw that placing art on tote bags seemed to be popular at art fairs, I wanted to do something similar but more unique. I decided handbags would be a fun way to display my art. It took me a year of researching to find the right vendor that could imprint my work using inks that penetrate the material, are stable and durable.”

Karlana has full control over how the art is displayed on the handbag positioning the design just right for the best overall effect. It’s not an assembly line process. It’s print-on-demand under her brand. This way there’s no need to keep inventory on hand.

Customers choose the artwork and the purse style from her website. And, in about three weeks they receive it at their own doorstep nicely packaged. She has also expanded into galleries, brick-and-mortar stores and wholesale. Retail prices range between $68 and about $97.00

After studying fine art at the Art Institute of Chicago, Karlana became a successful portrait photographer. However, COVID forced her to reboot her business and stretch herself in new ways.

With the success of combining her abstract artwork with handbags, she is currently exploring more wearable art options for the near future. Karlana gladly accepts commissions for either wall art or handbags -- see contact information below..

Learn more: Karlana Pedersen LLC Karlana Pedersen, Artist & Owner

Close-up of handbag design pictured above. Note, it has both crossbody and handle options depending on your need.

No losing this brightly colored handbag in a dark closet!

Here's the coordinating handbag.

Here's a smaller crossbody bag perfect for any size phone.

Here's the smaller size bag on a model for a sense of size.

Daisy artwork by Karlana.

More of Karlana's cheerful daisies.

The artist -- Karla Pedersen.


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