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Jennifer Myers Produces Luscious Landscapes with a Textured Touch Adding a Mosaic Aspect to Her Work

Updated: Jun 5

Brookfield, IL artist, Jennifer Myers, poses here with her BEST OF SHOW work from the recent Elmhurst Artists' Guild members' exhibit shown at the Elmhurst Art Museum. She is an award-winning, abstract, mixed media artist. Scroll down to view more art...

Jennifer's goal is someday to hear patrons say when coming across her work, "Oh, that's a Jennifer Myers!" Isn't that the dream of every artist - to produce easily recognizable art that's immediately associated with their name. She has been selling her art at local juried shows and markets for the past decade.

Jennifer has always been interested in making art and taking classes to perfect her craft. She gravitates toward producing beautiful scenery with a textured look and an abstract bent. Although she may use photographs as a reference, it isn't necessarily to duplicate a place, but more of a feel where she's actually influenced by the color of the sky, and incoming storm or the unique shape of a cloud.

Her signature textured look is part of her cracked-Earth approach where she hopes viewers pause and reflect on how she created that look. She likes to try and push the boundaries between abstract and realism and takes her inspiration from nature and love of the ocean. With her focus mainly being landscape, Jennifer uses many layers of paint to create texture and contrast, which give her pieces movement and depth. She tries to trick the eye to wonder if mosaic or stained glass is used in the foreground.

"I add texture by using a crackled paste to replicate how an Old Master's piece might have aged on its own," Jennifer explains. "It's always so exciting waiting for it to dry and see the effect it has created. I fell in love with that look, and it is now in almost everything I do. It definitely adds another element of visual interest to my work."

And by using an element of gold paint it brings even more warmth to the overall appeal. She adds that she hopes her work transports viewers to a special place or time by triggering a memory.

"To remember special moments, to be still, and take in the peace and quiet of a particular moment is what I hope to help viewers achieve when looking at my work," Jennifer says.

You can view her work on Instagram and Facebook or see her in person at the upcoming Wine & Art Walk at the Morton Arboretum, August 17-18, 2024 in Lisle, IL

Email her at: Jennifer Myers



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