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"Jazz Occurrence" Paintings by Lewis Achenbach Featured at Addison Center for the Arts Until 9/24/22

In addition to his solo art exhibit, Achenbach is giving a private demonstration and performance in ATHS’s Studio Theater (adjacent to the ACA) for the members of the Addison Art Guild and members of the Addison Center for the Arts in collaboration with local jazz pianist, Felix Pham. If you are interested in attending this private event on September 15, 2022 at 7PM, you will need to join or renew your membership to either organization. There are a very limited number of first-come seats available. Call 630-458-4500 or email for more information.

Visitors to the Addison Center for the Arts gallery, 213 N. Lombard Road, Addison, IL, will have a chance to see a collection of Jazz Occurrence paintings by Lewis Achenbach on display from August 20 through September 24, 2022. The show opened with a public reception on Saturday, August 20, 2022. Local rock and blues guitar legend, Joe Eddy Brown collaborated with Lewis Achenbach on a demonstration of the artist’s creative process.

An intrinsic feature of jazz music is its loose structure and improvisational riffs. But instead of slapping the upright bass or blowing a brassy sax, visual artist Lewis Achenbach from Wheaton joins the band and jams along with paint on canvas. As he works in tandem with the musicians, his paintings give insight to and celebrate a synaesthesia of two art forms. His paintings are documents of a multisensory event - a Jazz Occurrence.

Each performance and each painting have their own ambience wherein Achenbach has “captured the frequency of the room.” Through his artistry, viewers can feel the lively, frenetic, or sultry vibe of a concert.

Lewis explains: “My background in animation is important in the success of a Jazz Occurrence, utilizing storytelling, storyboards, key frames, key poses. Consider a painting that takes a 45- minute set to create. This artwork is built using layers of music abstracted and representation, like looking at the frames of an animated film, all at once. It is a document of time; a form of time travel, each brushstroke portending the next musical phrase. Absurd in concept, yet potential beautiful and revelatory in the act. Every artwork is a sketch for a singular body of work that tells the Sonic Story.”

The Addison Center for the Arts gallery is open from Wednesday through Saturday from 1 to 4 pm. The exhibition runs from August 20 through September 24, 2022. Admission is always FREE. ###

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