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Imagery that Inspires Awe & Wonder Drives Nature Photographer Sue Braunsky

Susan's exquisite photo captures a dandelion's delicate beauty embracing the golden hues of a local sunset. Scroll down for more of her artistic photos...

Sue Braunsky’s goal as a photographer specializing in nature, is to inspire viewers to see beyond just a pretty picture, but to feel a deep and emotional connection to the image.

“Everyone is in such a rush nowadays,” Sue observes. “They might already be familiar with the iconic buildings or scenery of our area and overlooking it because it is so familiar. I hope my work gives people a moment to pause and reflect upon what they might be missing.”

Using a variety of lenses and her digital 5d Mark iii Canon, she focuses on everything from the smallest weed in her backyard to the distant fog shrouding a bridge across the Fox river. She especially loves the morning light of sunrise. Getting up early and heading toward the forest preserve near her Batavia, IL home, she challenges herself to find a spot, turn slowly 360-degrees, and truly see what’s present that’s waiting for her to see it too.

Sue notes that as she communes with nature during quiet morning moments, she also feels at one spiritually with God.

“So many times, an image will communicate a strong guiding message for me,” she shares. “Once when I was photographing iron gates at the entrance of a foggy bridge, I felt like doors were kept closed for me. Yet I heard God urging me on saying, ‘Trust me, they’re wide open. You don’t have to see where you’re going because I will lead you.’”

Shortly after this spiritual experience, she signed a lease for a studio and had the opportunity to grow even more as an artist. Additionally, the name of her photography business which is Amazed by You, came to her while singing a song in church with those words as its refrain.

“I knew instantly that it was the right name for my business because I remain amazed by God, all that He does for me and around me, especially with the ever-changing beauty of nature,” she adds.

Sue’s work has been published in a photographic collection about Door County, Wisconsin titled, Seasons Behind the Door. In July 2022 her work will be featured in the Fly Leaf Bakery at the Batavia Public Library and in September at the Geneva Golf Club. Her work is available for sale through her website, listed below.

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Foggy Gate

Evening Elegance

Newport Woods

Lonely Violet

PEACE ON EARTH photo printed on metal -- aluminum

Photographer, Sue Braunsky, enjoying the outdoors.

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