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Hmmm...mmm Good! ARTFULLY FROSTED Cookie Entrepreneur Raises Baking Art to the Next Level

Custom designed and baked with care, Jenny Hartmann's ARTFULLY FROSTED themed cookies please everyone's palette. See more artful batches below...

Looking for a sweet way to launch 2023? Here’s your answer – an artfully frosted, homemade sugar cookie by baking entrepreneur, Jenny Hartmann of Oswego, IL.

This former kindergarten teacher, and busy mom of two preschoolers, took up cookie decorating as a fun outlet learning from YouTube videos and in person classes. When one instructor gave her class permission to not strive for perfection, she relaxed into the process and started thinking about it as a career opportunity.

“Originally, I made batches of themed cookies for friends and family never thinking to charge them,” Jenny recalls. “But, once people started offering to pay me for them, I realized I truly had a business and Artfully Frosted came to be.”

Using her own customized sugar cookie recipe and royal icing, she oversees every step of the process including packing and packaging before handing them off directly to her customer picking them up at her front door.

With a cookie cutter stash numbering in the hundreds, she can pretty much handle any custom order coming her way. The most popular events include children’s themed birthday parties, bridal showers, graduations, engagement parties, weddings, baby showers, and adult birthday parties.

“My favorite cookies to bake are definitely for baby showers,” Jenny says. “There’s just something about seeing a pink cookie onesie that is very appealing!”

Cookies are available by the dozen, come in two sizes (regular and mini) ranging in price from $45-$48 or more depending on the complexity of the designs.

When placing an order – the form is on her website, it is helpful for Jenny if customers send reference ideas they’ve found first on Pinterest or Instagram to help guide the creation process. Placing orders at least a month in advance is recommended especially during her busy holiday season from August through December.

Jenny sums up the process. “It is so satisfying working in a home that smells of fresh baked cookies, then packing them up in a box topped with my logo sticker that I designed myself. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment. Making cookies is all about giving joy to others and putting smiles on people's faces.”

Best way to work with Jenny is by filling out the form on her website which goes directly to her email. Bon appetit!! Home | Artfully Frosted

Corporate order.

Bridal shower theme.

Baby shower theme.

For a three-year old's "wild" themed party.

Jenny, hard at work!


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