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Her Name is Sue Dix and Pottery is her Passion

Sue's words of inspiration: “Just start! Begin by taking classes at a local park district and enjoy the process. It’s addictive.” See more of her work below...

After 17 years of making pottery in whatever spare time she could find, Sue took advantage of the “Great 2020 Resignation” to make a break for it and become a full-time pottery artisan.

Providing both companionship and continued inspiration in her studio, are the “pottery panthers” – Sunshine and Sativa.

Using Amaco clay and a slab roller that flattens the clay evenly – equipment that helps save Sue’s hands – she proceeds to hand-build her designs. Additionally, she adds underglazes and then top glazes to make the finished products food safe.

“My biggest challenge is not always knowing what my project will look like once I remove it from the kiln,” Sue says. “Sometimes what’s in your head and the reality don’t match up. If it comes out ruined, you have to harden your heart, throw it out and continue.”

On the other hand, she adds, removing something from the kiln is also the best part of the process.

“After it’s fired, it comes out transformed,” she explains. “It’s glossy and colorful. Opening that kiln and taking it out is like opening a present each time. I love it.”

Best sellers include a versatile small dish that can be used for anything from soap to candy to jewelry. Embellished with such animal imagery as birds, dogs, or cats she successfully captures expressions that add a touch of visual whimsy. Her inventory also includes bowls, mugs, and mini teapots. Prices range from $5 to $40.

Her pottery can be found at:

Etsy, DuPage Art League, LaGrange Art League, and Studio V at Harper College in Palatine, IL. For wholesale orders:

To find out more, including Sue's 2022 art fair calendar, visit: - Suramics Home Page

Goldfinch ceramic tray

Mug with braided handle

Sleeping cat ceramic dish

Mini teapot

Pulled handle mug



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