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Elmhurst Art Museum's "Picasso: 50 Years Later" Includes Contemporary Artists He's Inspired

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Chicago-based artist inspired by Picasso's cubism is Liz Flores. She celebrates her first art museum appearance at Elmhurst Museum of Art's current exhibit running now through January 7, 2024. Pictured: "That's So Interesting" 48" x 60" acrylic on canvas. Scroll down to see more of Liz's work and other pieces from this exceptional exhibit...

Liz Flores likes painting large from 48” x 60” canvases to murals. Now, at the young age of 33, she’s also living large with her first museum appearance at Elmhurst Art Museum’s current exhibit, “Picasso: Fifty Years Later” (September 9, 2023-January 7, 2024). She was one of the contemporary artists selected whose work demonstrates Picasso’s influence on artists today.

When Liz received the invitation to appear in this exhibit, she was both shocked and delighted. Influenced by Picasso all her life, she was always drawn to Cubism, and over the years challenged herself to create her own version of that style.

As a figurative artist, her work explores the human condition, female form and how movement and shape can be used as a mode of visual storytelling. Her preferred themes center around womanhood, Latinidad, and inner life.

This retrospective Picasso story unveils across three connected galleries under the talented eye of John McKinnon, its Executive Director.

In the first gallery -- Part One:

You'll see the outstanding Sally J. and Raymond J. Allen Collection featuring Picasso's ceramics and the work of a few his contemporaries, such as Alexander Archipenko, Wilfredo Lam, Joan Miro and Fernand Leger.

This riveting Picasso ceramic is also beautifully framed!

Picasso's contemporary -- Joan Miro -- Her Peinture was completed in 1977 -- oil over monotype on panel, 20" x 15-3/8"

In the second gallery -- Part Two:

Fernand Leger's "Composition aux deux perroquets"; gouache, brush and ink and charcoal on paper on canvas dominates the wall opposite Picasso's progressive Linocut prints.

Part of Picasso's progressive linocut prints from a private collection.

"Picasso and the Progressive Proof: Linocut Prints" is beautifully displayed from a Private Collection illustrating the process from beginning to end. This gallery-sized exhibition within the exhibition, curated by Richard P. Townsend, features 17 progressive proofs showing the detailed steps—and demanding printmaking processes – that allowed Picasso to experiment with recurring themes throughout his career.

In the third gallery -- Part Three -- 50 Years Since Picasso highlights a few of today’s artists who credit Picasso for inspiring their own creative vision including Liz Flores, Richard Hull, Laura Berger, Leasho Johnson, and Jose Lerma.

Richard Hull, THE NIGHT, oil and ground wax on linen.

Immediately below: Jose Lerma, POTATO GAVE (Left Profile); acrylic on canvas.

Liz Flores, TELL ME MORE; 48 x 60; acrylic on canvas.

Liz Flores, oil pastel on paper.

This exhibit is part of a worldwide Picasso celebration that coincides with the 50th anniversary of his death in 1973.

Don’t miss the upcoming Soiree 2023 on Saturday, September 30, at 6 PM (tickets: $375) when the Elmhurst Art Museum celebrates an extraordinary year – including two blockbuster exhibitions and a $1.1 million renovation – with a special evening including cocktails, a multi-course dinner, entertainment and an art auction. This year’s Soiree décor will be inspired by the work of Liz Flores.



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