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Eggshell Artist, Jennifer Ross, Makes the Broken Beautiful Once More

St. Charles, IL artist, Jennifer Ross, revels in revealing universal truths in her artwork that spotlights the many aspects of nature. Scroll down to see more of her artwork...

Years of working in high-end art galleries, forged in Jennifer Ross, a very keen and discriminating eye for the “good stuff”. Not yet involved in drawing for herself, she was nonetheless enchanted by beautiful art and the diverse techniques distinguished, international artists brought to their finished work.

One day something crossed her art-gallery path that instantly captivated her. It was a Japanese technique called, Kintsugi.

According to Wikipedia: “Kintsugi” (or golden “joinery”) is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. As a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.”

Having experienced more than her own share of heartache and personal drama, the concept of repairing something broken into a stronger, better version of the original, spiritually resonated deep within Jennifer. Those feelings propelled her to start venturing into creating her own art. And she began, with of all things – broken eggshells!

She developed what she describes as a derivative of the Kintsugi technique pushing the eggshell pieces into her artwork like a jigsaw puzzle.

“I use metallic acrylic paint for the underpainting and then fill in the cracks/space between the eggshells with more of the same metallic paint,” she explains.

It makes sense that considering she uses eggshells in her paintings that her subject matter often includes eggs, birds, nests, and also horses. As a child, she compulsively drew horses, and now as an adult, she’s returned to riding once more, and drawing them again using her eggshell method.

Jennifer sums up, “Bird nests juxtapose our need for security and structure, with the ever-present desire for freedom and flight. Egg shells convey the strength we hold within us, but also the constant vulnerability of being alive. While the backs of horses represent a universe that is constantly holding us, but only if we come to trust it.”

Jennifer’s art takes viewers visually full circle by integrating what’s broken into something new and beautiful once more.

Be sure to stop by the St. Charles Library, 2 South 6th Avenue, to see the two pieces Jennifer currently has on display in the St. Charles Arts Council members-only exhibit there until the end of August.

Her artwork is represented by the online gallery: Jennifer Ross Art - Exclusive Original Art for Sale | UGallery

A NEW FREEDOM; Mixed Media; $1,500; On display until the end of August 2021 at St. Charles Public Library

FULL OF THINGS THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN; Mixed Media; $700; on display at St. Charles Public Library until end of August 2021.

KINTSUGI HORSE, Palomino on Denim

THE GOOD EGG: Mixed media



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