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Dreamy Color Combinations and Mesmerizing Shapes are the Hallmark of Susi Schuele's Abstracts

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Susi's watercolor, MOUNTAINS, welcomes the viewer into a landscape of commanding color that ebbs and flows among bold shapes. Scroll down to view more of her work...

One look at a Susi Schuele abstract watercolor and you’re transported away from the mundane with her moody hues that are dreamy, ethereal and other worldly.

“Each person sees their own story in abstracts,” Susi observes.

After a long career in technology, graphic design and web design, she says she's found her “Second Touch” from God creating abstract art since approximately 2015.

She likes working large. A typical painting will be 18” x 24” or more. However, she does offer smaller works as well. She stands while working and considers herself an emotional painter naming each piece with a song title that sings the story of her own life.

“My husband is a musician who has played classic rock for years and now is into acoustic guitar,” she says. “I’m a musician wannabe.”

Her abstract imagery is inspired by seascapes, mountains, and landscapes. She paints for the pure joy of it and how it allows her to live in that moment without expectation.

It’s all too easy, she notes, to be self-critical, hampered by imposter syndrome, or consumed with self-doubt. All of which can be crippling to a creative. However, she’s grown through these issues painting for herself, feeling the joy, and not worrying if she’s good enough.

“I’ve learned that if I like it so will others,” she says.

Additionally, she practices a firm rule for herself -- once she’s added her initials she’s done -- no touching it again!

Summing up, Susi states: “Creating abstract art has refocused my perspective toward the lighter, happier, positive side of each new day. Art sustains me and calms the noises in my head. I am so grateful to be able to have this opportunity to paint in my retirement.” Believing firmly in giving back, she has donated to many charitable causes including hurricane relief, Covid-19 healthcare workers, hospitals, children's museums and more.

Susi, a Carpentersville resident, is a member of the National Watercolor Society, has won numerous awards for her work, and exhibits at local galleries.

Learn more about her appearance schedule, classes, or purchase her work online at:


MEXICO; watercolor

AGAINST THE WIND; watercolor

THE TIME IT IS TODAY; watercolor


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