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Chad La Fever's Sculptures Convey How Technology Addiction Has Negatively Impacted Today's Society

Chad's DOOM SCROLL, on display through Spring 2023 at Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St. Charles, IL, depicts his view of how problematic the ubiquitous use of cell phones is today. This cell phone even lights up to cast a haunting blue light onto the user's face. The sculpture is for sale at $6,000 and weighs in at 100 pounds. If you buy it, Chad will personally deliver and set it up at your home or workplace. Scroll down for more sculptures.

Full-time sculptor Chad La Fever is definitely not a fan of how technology has hijacked our daily lives and his incisive work reflects that.

Although not professionally trained in art, he credits serendipity for getting him to where he’s at today. By working in an art bronze foundry located in Lawrence, Kansas, as a welder and fabricator assembling art for other fine artists around the U.S., he learned the craft well. As a result, he was inspired to create his own artwork especially since he was always sketching.

His piece, Doom Scroll, currently displayed on the grounds of Fine Line Creative Arts Center, 37N570 Bolcum Road, St. Charles, IL, is both arresting and haunting.

How many times have we all observed pedestrians around us paying far more attention to their phones than their surroundings? Although it’s “TV Blooper” laughable when they fall into fountains or other such silliness, it’s also a sad commentary on how scrolling has replaced the simple enjoyable act of strolling.

“Because people are so addicted to their cell phones our communication today has become quite impersonal,” Chad observes. “I see it in other people, and I see it in myself. We are definitely too wrapped up in our devices.”

Chad's inspiration stems from pop culture, societal issues and things that affect us all on a day-to-day basis. He explains that working in bronze sheet metal means that mistakes can be more easily corrected. Plus, he likes its warm natural feeling that is both timeless, touchable and takes on a lot of color.

For people who view owning art as a luxury, Chad notes that public art is for everyone to enjoy. "Being able to visit a park and see public artwork on display is a great way to reach everyone, and to get a message across to a larger audience," he says.

Chad accepts commissions, and for more information click: Chad La Fever Fine Art (; EMAIL:; or call:702-321-4562

"ESCAPE!" 16" x 16" tabletop sculpture. Chad says: "Computer workers don't seem happy about this work style. At 5 PM, they're out of there."

"DIs-Like". Chad says: "Social media has become so intense and so many people rely on it for their communication. However, I think many users have a love-hate relationship with it. Let's turn it off! We don't need to use this all the time."

"Abyss" Chad says: "The ocean bottom is still a mystery to us. What lives down there that never sees daylight creeping through the ooze? This piece was spawned from that thought process."

"Adjacent"; Chad says: "This is the first of a thematic series for Jefferson City, MO reflecting its history and its present as it relates to black and white interacting daily, but still living in separate worlds. I hope it speaks to moving forward, fix what's been wrong, and respecting one another."

And when not making work that reflects his deeper thought processes about society today, he enjoys making items like these organically shaped bronze tables.

Chad's words of wisdom: "Do what you like from your heart and keep practicing. Don't just focus on the money, but the love behind your art, and how it can connect to others."

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