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Bold Lines and Striking Patterns Comprise the Artwork of this Long-time Doodler & Busy Artist

Look closely at THE GREAT HARVEST above and the storyline inside Jennifer Hauser's whimsical work will start coming to life! Scroll down for more artwork...

Jennifer Hauser, an architect by trade, modestly never referred to herself as an artist until last year. Prior to that she simply thought of herself as a lady who likes to draw even though she’s been at it since early childhood.

Her work presents a unique look with bold lines that include little animals tucked away like “Waldo”, and amazingly it’s all done on Masonite. Masonite? Yup, Masonite–appropriately primed so that it functions like paper under her pen and inks along with colored pencils.

Those bold lines that are now the hallmark of her work developed after years of doodling and a love of pattern. Her work evolved to include subject matter that could be re-imagined over and over – like trees and flowers -- then adding whimsical animals to the scene. She enjoys tucking in those extra little details that viewers might not see right away.

Growing up in northern Wisconsin gave Jennifer a profound sense of appreciation for nature—playing in the woods, picking wildflowers, or riding her bike through the countryside.

“I doodled a lot as a kid during school because it helped me listen better and retain what I was learning,” Jennifer says. “Now, it's for relaxation and making a happy place for me.”

Jennifer enjoys constructing a visual story line then tossing in some humor and spicing it all up with the adorable personalities of bunnies.

“I like to think of my art as a portal into another reality,” she writes on her website. “A snapshot in time where the viewer has to pick up the story line and find the end. If you were to open one door and step through, you would step into a new world with all the same parts, just put together differently. Everything is a little brighter, the music sounds a little more joyful, the flowers are more beautiful, the weather is perfect and the bunnies rule.

Her advice to artists: “Success is in the long game – there’s no such thing as instant success and quick money. It’s like working your way up the career ladder – just stick with it and make time to do it right. It’s also helpful to keep a list of ideas – mine is now longer than I’ll ever have time for.”

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