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Art Curator, Joanne Aono, Creates "CARE" Exhibit for Geneva Ctr for the Arts Featuring 3 Artists

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Stop by Geneva Center for the Arts to see their first exhibit curated by Joanne Aono now up through 11/19/2021. Scroll down to view more art from this show...

Curating an art exhibit involves so much more than meets the eye and Joanne Aono knows just how to do it.

Her most recent curation, CARE, is now on display at the Geneva Center for the Arts, 321 Stevens Street, Suite Q, in Geneva, IL spotlighting three exceptional artists: Karen Azarnia, Brenda Barnum, and Cydney M. Lewis,

Joanne, who is highly respected as both an artist and curator, knows the art world well. She is the director of Cultivator Arts Cultivator - Chicago Art Exhibitions & Farm Art Projects ( helping under-represented artists. She also serves on the exhibition committee of the Riverside Arts Center, 32 E. Quincy in Riverside, IL. And, on top of all this, she maintains her own studio at Bray Grove Farm in north central Illinois planning arts events there..

Joanne selected the three participating artists -- Karen, Brenda, and Cydney -- because she believed their work was an ideal match to the CARE theme. From there, Joanne selected five pieces from each for inclusion in the show.

“The word ‘care’ can be used as either a noun or a verb,” Joanne explains. “And because the word is so open, so is the theme. It reflects being open to new possibilities, and as such, is a good match to the mission of the Geneva Center for the Arts as it establishes itself in the community.”

Joanne’s curation style reflects her years-long experience combined with an intellectual approach as she tackles every detail. Nothing is left to chance.

“For instance, when an artwork is hung from the ceiling, it immediately draws viewers into the space,” Joanne continues. “This is the case with Karen’s fabric hangings – they are meant to play with the light as it changes in the gallery throughout the day.”

After all the steps for the show are completed, the last thing left is for viewers to arrive, immerse themselves into this new experience, enjoy, and freely interpret it for themselves.

Joanne holds a BFA from Drake University in Iowa with a double major in drawing and graphic design. Her Bray Grove Farm, near Morris, IL, specializes not only in holistic faming but is also the site of her popular Artists on the Farm events. Visit her website for more information: Joanne Aono


3 TREE TRUNK GIRLS by Brenda Barnum; oil on canvas, 2021; $9,000

CATCHING THE MORNING DEW by Cydney M. Lewis, archival paper, markers, ink, on wood panel; $650

YELLOW LILY (RADICAL JOY); oil and acrylic on linen; $3,800

Joanne Aono on her farm near Morris, IL.


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