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2022 Artists in Review Reveal Outstanding Local Talent Blooming All Around Us!

Rose photo by muralist and gardener, Stephen Breyer, featured 11/3/2022.

Art BEAT made a quick review of some of the artists featured this past year -- so many to choose from and so little space! Here are a few, randomly selected, that you might have missed! Enjoy and stay tuned for more interesting news and features coming in 2023...

Created by former career botanist and now full-time jewelry maker/designer, Emily Chesick, featured on 12/13/2022.

ESCAPE by sculptor, Chad LaFever, featured 8/19/22

SNORKELING, by Sheila Lamberson, featured 8/23/22

PELICANS IN FLIGHT; Janice Czerwinski; featured 4/11/2022

Emily Parson poses with one of her museum-quality art quilts featured 4/5/22

Joan Bredendick's, HALF-CAUGHT SOUND from 3/28/22

Mays Mayhew hard at work in her studio, 3/1/2022

A LITTLE CREAM WITH YOUR COFFEE by glass mosaic artist, Jillian Cori Lippert, featured 2/25/22

By Jeffrey Equality Brooks featured 4/18/22

STORM FRONT by Ellen Rottsolk featured 5/31/22

Created by metalsmith, Lisa Williams, featured 9/13/22

EVENING THAW by Tara Keating featured 9/17/22

EVENING ELEGANCE, nature photo by Susan Braunsky featured 6/7/22


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