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Whimsical Natural World Solo Show by Jennifer Hauser at Gallery 777 in Lisle, IL; Opening Reception on 5/10/24 Starts at 7 PM

DON'T BE A JACKALOPE!!  Come to "The Bunny Trail"

an exhibition of work by Jennifer Hauser -- Scroll down for more information about Jennifer Hauser and her art...

Gallery 777 -Lisle Library

777 Front Street

Lisle, Illinois

May 2 - June 28th

Opening Reception:  May 10th, 7:00 p.m.

Jennifer Hauser at work in her home studio.


Artist Bio

Jennifer Hauser is a Chicago-based artist by calling. When she’s not distilling whimsy from visions of rollicking bunnies, she daylights as an architect. She’s published a comic book and a coloring book while taking the local art scene by fluffle. Jennifer enjoys making art that can be appreciated in a variety of ways in accordance to the one true fact of life-that everyone should be able to afford to enjoy art. Catch Jennifer’s elusive bunnies in select retail establishments as well as local galleries.


Artist Statement

I specialize in vignettes of bunnies in their tree houses, made of India ink and colored pencil on primed Masonite. The bunnies are undoubtedly the primary actors of these tableaus. However, the homespun craftsmanship of the backdrops is that of a child yearning for a tree house and the clutter of adulthood which renders them tree homes. As you peruse my work, I ask you: what was your favorite picture book when you were a kid? Think on what intimate details of illustrations lingered with you as you look at my bunnies and flowers and tree houses.

I enjoy drawing and making things. Ink, colored pencils, and Masonite may be my tools but nostalgia and workmanship are my mediums. When I’m finished, the end product is a beautiful, well-crafted homage to the natural world, the flowers and terrain, and of course, the trees. Learn more here:

House of Jackalope


The Bunny from the Wrong Side of the Stump



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