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"Meet the Artist" Reception at Maggie Capettini's Solo Show of Florals & Abstracts in Downers Grove Library 5/5/24 from 2-4 PM

Updated: Apr 30

"Open to Inspiration"

Solo exhibit by Maggie Capettini at Downers Grove Public Library – May 1-31, 2024

Scroll down to view more of Maggie's paintings...

Stop in to say hello and see two very different bodies of work by Maggie Capettini. Her floral paintings will hang in the Cafe Gallery. And, in the North Gallery, her abstract works are on exhibit as a group for the first time.

Maggie shares this about her work:

"The title of the exhibit represents a shift in my direction that happened prior to the start of Covid and that was able to incubate during that bizarre time. Previously, I had strongly identified with being an “Oil painter creating landscapes and florals in a representational manner”. I enjoyed this type of artmaking, and I did not push myself beyond the bounds of this definition. However, a curiosity about abstraction grew, and with time, I allowed myself to begin to explore it.

The inspiration for the “square vibes” series happened while I was working on a very large commissioned skyline of Chicago – I put in the water using a brayer (a roller used in printmaking) – and I had an “a-ha moment” so strong that I put down the brayer, went directly to the art store, purchased large square canvases, and created two of the paintings in this exhibit: square vibes: balanced crescent and square vibes: chroma, located in the North Gallery. These were the start of a series about color relationships and movement in non-objective painting in which I wanted to cause the viewer’s eyes to dance or soul to vibrate.

"I still really enjoy painting flowers and landscapes, especially from life or in the landscape, and I do this regularly as well. The Café Gallery displays flowers that I have painted from life. These works were all created during the same years that I made the “square vibes” paintings. Being “Open to Inspiration” has allowed me to move beyond that self-imposed, narrowly defined identity into a description with more possibilities: “Artist”.

Get a preview….

Meet the Artist! Sunday, May 5th, 2-4pm 

Downers Grove Public Library 

1050 Curtiss Street, Downers Grove, IL 60515


Square Vibes, Night Waves

Redbud, Crabapple and Currant

Square Vibes Chroma



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