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Take a Peek at Geneva Center for the Arts' Newest Show Opening 2/25/22 on Pandemic Portraiture

Rita Grendze, Artist Liaison for the Geneva Center for the Arts, poses next to the entrance piece, Steve Clevenger's "Selfie", after completing installation. Scroll down to view for more art from this exhibit...

Geneva Center for the Art’s (GCA) Artist Liaison, Rita Grendze, recently assisted guest juror Dimitri Pavlotsky, who selected the 27 original works of art from more than 40 submitted for the Center’s latest exhibit, THE DECEPTION OF THE DIGITAL, Portraiture in a Pandemic Era.

Opening reception is Friday, 2/25/2022, 6PM-8PM, at 321 Stevens Street, Suite Q in Geneva, IL. Wine and beer will be available for purchase.

Once Dimitri’s selections were made, Rita’s role was to install the exhibit.

“What I like best about this show is its sense of familiarity -- it’s all about people showing a range of emotions,” Rita says. “I’ve enjoyed working with it because it offers a glimpse into humanity, and if you’re looking for evidence of that, it’s all right here.”

Most of the artwork in the show is available for purchase which will be open through April 1, 2022. Exhibiting artists, most of whom are local, include: Greta Bell, Peg Gannon, Darius Hurley Joseph Bernadas, James Deeb, Kevin Hunter, Kathy Honey, Kelly Swayne, Jeffrey Equality Brooks, Greg Schweitzer, Steve Clevenger and Elaine Holzrichter.

ALSO: Mark your calendar: A conversation with Dimitri Pavlotsky and the artists from the exhibition will be held on Sunday, March 6th, 1pm.

Darius Hurley's work recognizes those indispensable service workers who remained on the front lines during the pandemic.

Artist Greta Bell's poignant portrait of her father just prior to his passing from COVID-19.

Kevin Hunter's SELFIES

Kelly Swayne's BECOMING

Greg Schweitzer's COMMUNION DAY

One of James Deeb's oil on linen trio of faces showing the pervasive fear and anxiety generated by the pandemic.

Elaine Holzrichter's BEACH BOY

Peg Gannon's ROMANCE is dedicated to her parents' loving marriage. When her mother passed away during the pandemic, Peg discovered the love letters her mother had kept, and incorporated them into a collage background. Learn more Learn more Fine Line Creative Arts Center |


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