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Sunday, 6/30/24 Olmec Trails Family Fiesta Event Kick-off--College of DuPage Lakeside Pavilion

Mexican Cultural Center DuPage, in coordination with Meztli Mexico, and in partnership with the College of DuPage Public Art Project, the DuPage Convention & Visitors Bureau, is proud to present their newest project: Olmec Trails: Culture and Legacy.

From Cleve Carney Gallery /College of DuPage website...

Featuring 33 artists’ works painted on sculptures recreating ancient Mexican culture throughout DuPage County.

"Olmec Trails," can be seen throughout DuPage County showcasing hand-painted, large-scale sculptures inspired by the iconic Mesoamerican Olmec heads. This county-wide art exhibition features the works of 33 contemporary artists from across North America, paying tribute to the indigenous roots of Mexican heritage and highlighting the significance of public art.

Installed in strategic locations including the Forest Preserve, the College of DuPage, and the Mayslake Estate, "Olmec Trails" offers a fresh and accessible approach to the rich culture of the Olmec civilization. The exhibition aims to connect spectators with these unique artworks, promoting healthy engagement with the outdoors and providing benefits for both physical and mental health. This ambitious project serves as a platform for cultural education and artistic appreciation, enriching the community's connection to a pivotal aspect of Mesoamerican history. ###



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