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Spotlighting Gallery 200's ARTOBERFEST Opening Reception Delivering Food, Fun & Talent!

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Elisa Delvecchio describes herself as an intuitive painter choosing colors that strike her as fun and make her happy. These works can be seen at Gallery 200, 103 W. Washington Street in West Chicago, IL. See more Gallery 200 Artoberfest work below...

ARTOBERFEST invited its participating artists to create seasonally inspired items. ArtBEAT enjoyed viewing the colorful fused glass by Sue Tripp and ceramic pumpkins by Starla Snead, even bat houses by Tom Obright! There was cork art, 3-D pieces (like Marita Valdizan's ornate butterfly below), and stunning jewelry. You could take your pick of small or large paintings for hanging or prints priced more modestly. Be sure to stop by, admire the variety, and pick up some unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for the upcoming holidays!



"I'm filled with gratitude for the chance to share the story behind my first large mixed media crochet art piece. This creation has been a labor of love, nurtured over months and years, with my dreams and determination driving me to save money along with the time and resources to bring it to life.

"These hundreds of hours have been a journey of passion and devotion, and I'm overjoyed to finally unveil it to the world. My hope is that this art will inspire people all over the globe, touching their hearts and encouraging them to pursue their own creative dreams.

"The inspiration behind my art piece, "Maritmariposa" is that It underscores the power of art to convey important messages and emotions.

"The idea is using my art to remind myself and others to let go and not dwell on things that can't be solved immediately is a meaningful and relatable concept. It's a universal truth that we often hold onto worries or regrets that weigh us down, and I hope my artwork serves as a beautiful and symbolic reminder to release those burdens and find hope and positivity in the present moment.

"My personal journey and experiences, especially during my trip to my home country, have clearly shaped the message in my art. I emphatic on gratitude and faith, as well as my connection to the act of letting go, are themes that can resonate with many people who face similar challenges in their lives.

"I hope my art serves as a powerful expression of these emotions and concepts, and it has the potential to inspire and uplift those who encounter it...

"Maritmariposa is not just a physical art piece; it's a symbol of the connections and emotions that shape our life.

"The materials and techniques I used to create it are not only artistically they are culturally rich and meaningful. Each element I incorporated into the wings depth and symbolism, making it a unique creation. I used aluminum wire in various colors, along with the Peruvian Wire crochet technique.

"Using the Peruvian wire crochet technique holds deep meaning for me. Its process, akin to weaving a complex mesh, reflects the intricacies of life. Just as it's not always easy but rather challenges us, these difficult steps ultimately make us stronger and more resilient. It's a reflection of real life.

I incorporated materials and elements from my home country, Peru, such as fabric from Cuzco and birds inspired by the Nazca Lines, to make it cultural and symbolic. Those components connect my artwork to my roots and make it a representation of my heritage.

"I used Huayros seeds, which symbolize positive energy, happiness, and good luck to reinforces the message of hope, positivity, and transformation that the butterfly wings convey. I learned how to hand weave natural fiber (Paja Toquilla) from Piura and I incorporated it into the wings.

"My commitment to creating butterfly wings hopefully inspires and brings hope... Maritmariposa is not just a work of art; it's a symbol of personal growth, cultural connection, and a message of positivity and transformation."

Gallery 200 Hours:

Thursdays & Fridays - 2 to 6 pm

Saturdays - 10 am - 4 pm

Sundays - 12 pm - 4 pm

Visit the online store anytime at

St. Charles, IL artist, Starla Snead, poses with a collection of her ceramic pumpkins painted using alcohol inks and Zentangle designs. Starla is a certified Zentangle instructor with a studio on Main Street in St. Charles,

FALL SUNSET by Starla, Mixed Media that includes "Zentangle" design patterns.

Tom Obright's intriguing and intricate Bat Houses in wood even include tiny bats!

Love the colorful fused glass work of Sue Tripp!

CHEERS! by artist, Britta Renwick -- perfect for the wine lover on your list!

More artistry from the imagination of Elisa Delvecchio.

Any artist would love these! Both are wire crocheted necklaces by Marita Valdizan and are actually the same length -- just staggered on the form for display purposes.



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