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Sign Up Now for Art BEAT'S Next "Get Your Work Seen & Sold" Workshop at Naperville Art League

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Art Marketing Ideas & Inspiration Workshop is Open to Both Non-members & Members of Naperville Art League

Presentation by Art BEAT'S Publisher, Lynne Kornecki

Saturday, May 6, 2023 from 2-4pm

$20.00 Fee Includes FREE Marketing Planning Calendar

Open to Non-Members & Members of Naperville Art League

Art Marketing Card Decks will be available for purchase that day for $40.00

Stumped by how to share your artwork with a larger audience? No matter where you are along the art producing spectrum, this workshop will help you land a broader audience for earning income. You can jumpstart your studio life -- asap -- after these 2 hours of jam-packed ideas and lively discussion. Tips include marketing print materials (bring your business cards and other promotional pieces), public relations and media outreach, networking, charitable connections, customer engagement, and social media pros/cons.

Here's what Lynne, who is also a busy artist, has to say about the material she brings to the workshop: "In the years I've been writing Art BEAT, I've learned firsthand from artists scattered across the Midwest, what marketing steps work and don't work, along with what they didn't know and wish they had. I've also been gathering the latest social media information from experts that can spare artists time and missteps when planning their next marketing moves. I'm excited to share practical tips to propel artists forward, no matter what their level."

Here's what the DOWNERS GROVE ART GUILD said after Lynne's March 2023 presentation: "We are at all levels of artistry and marketing savvy. Everyone had something to learn from Lynne's presentation. One of the women who is experienced in marketing said Lynne was very thorough and she learned a lot. We all took away many ideas from the talk...and learned practical things to help each of us. Thanks again!"

Naperville Art League & Gallery, 508 N. Center Street, Naperville, IL.


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