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Metalsmithing Expert, Lisa Williams, Enjoys the Technical & the Creative Aspects of Jewelry Design

This necklace is a good illustration of what Lisa calls her "marriage of metals" capitalizing on the natural metallic colors unfolding into graceful organic shapes. Scroll down to see more of her jewelry...

Artist Name: Lisa Williams

Town: Crystal Lake, IL

Medium: Metalsmith Jewelry Designer

Since Lisa’s introduction to metalsmithing in a college art class at the University of Kansas, she’s been fascinated by its many possibilities while earning her BFA. Working with silver is a favorite, however she also enjoys the “marriage of different metals” where she adds copper and brass for a totally unique look.

Her exceptionally well-crafted jewelry is eye-catching and graceful capturing the nuances of the many shapes found in nature. From winding vines, cut-outs of tiny birds or the addition of colorful flowers, it’s clear that nature is a favorite go-to for Lisa’s continued inspiration. The bulk of her jewelry does not include stones, with a few exceptions, because the shapely metalwork speaks for itself.

As a child she didn’t spend much time doing art projects other than the required art classes children receive in lower grades. However, once she registered for art courses in college, she never looked back – tackling every type she could literally get her hands on from drawing to painting to ceramics.

“Once I discovered art, I knew I’d never be bored,” Lisa reflects. “I’m very independent and doing art projects makes me happy. Now, I’ve been teaching my son art as a way for him to get involved in something other than those electronic devices!”

Her words of encouragement to other artists center on finding their own voice. She advises that it develops over time. “The more art a person does, the more they learn to listen to their gut, trust the process, and have faith in what they’re creating,” she says.

Lisa appears in 30-plus art fairs each year. You can find her locally at these upcoming shows: Art in the Barn in Barrington, IL September 24-25; in Elmhurst at the Wilder Mansion on Friday and Saturday, November 4-5; and in Oak Brook at the Drury Lane on November 29. Additionally, you can also purchase her work on her website at: Lisa Williams Jewelry - home


Bracelet by Lisa Williams

Pendant highlights Lisa's pierced work.

Pendant illustrates how Lisa introduces color into her pieces with her own hand-drawn artwork.

A touch of natural turquoise adds color to this bracelet designed by Lisa Williams.

An elegant show-stopper pendant resembles a floating water lily by Lisa Williams.


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