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Marquee Youth's Conservatory Presents INTO THE WOODS June 18-20 at Arcada Theater, Get Tix!

Marquee Conservatory is proud to present Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods June 18-20 at the renovated Arcada Theater. Directed by Colin Bokowy with musical direction by Ollie Townsend

Into the Woods includes 30+ talented performers and pit musicians from the northwest suburbs. This Tony award winning musical tells the story of a childless Baker and his wife who yearn to have a child but cannot because of a witch's curse; Cinderella, who wishes to attend the King's Festival; and Jack, who wishes his cow would give milk.

The Baker and his wife set off on a journey to break the curse, only to realize they’re not alone. Everyone's wish is granted, but the consequences of how they set off to get their wish return to haunt them later.

Running time of 2 hours and 45 minutes for the full production, plus a 15-minute intermission between Acts I & II. Performances run June 18 and 19 at 7pm and June 20 at 2pm at the Arcada Theater in St Charles, IL. For audience comfort, physical distancing in the theater will also include sections labeled for "Mask Wearers" and "Unmasked" from which to choose seats.

Children (under 12)/Seniors: $14

Adults: $16


CONDUCTOR/KEYS: Ollie Townsend

VIOLIN 1: Ryan Hajak

VIOLIN 2: Marilyn Gans

VIOLA 1: Alexa Stephens

CELLO: Willian Akst

TRUMPET: Jeri Rethford

HORN 1: Brenna Jun

REED 1 (Flute/Piccolo): Kevin Jun

REED 2 (Bb/E Clarinets): Sage Overstreet

PERCUSSION: Anthony Scandora


Narrator: Reagan Jorgenson

Cinderella: Mary Kate Schoessling

Jack: Parker Moran

Jack's Mother: Rosette Pavkov

Baker: Luke Ahlquist

Baker's Wife: Ella Kobylecky

Stepmother: Makenna Barrett

Florinda: Ella Weasler

Lucinda: Caitlyn Johnson

Little Red Ridinghood: Maggie Hancock

The Witch: Aubrey Risch

Cinderella's Mother & Granny U/S Little Red: Holly Stone

Steward: Ryan Forde

Cinderella's Prince/Wolf: Zach Henning

Rapunzel's Prince: Maine Triplett

Rapunzel: Tanya Fedak

Mysterious Man: Sam Pershing

Giant's Wife/Snow White, *Lucinda (June 19th Performance): Charlee Crone

Sleeping Beauty: Kelsey La Pointe

Milky White Puppeteer: Ella Johnson

**Milky White Puppeteer (June 19th Performance):

Ruby Weasler

Lights up on Into the Woods!

Connie Flores

Founder & Artistic Director



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