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Looking for a Venue to Sell Your Artwork? Fine Line in St. Charles, IL is Offering a New Opportunity

FINE LINE CREATIVE ARTS CENTER, 37W570 Bolcum Road, St. Charles, IL Invites You to Sell your work in their Dempsey Artisan Shop. Here's how... From Fine Line -- We believe all artists need an outlet to sell their work. The Dempsey Artisan shop provides that outlet. We have a steady stream of visitors, who look for handcrafted items. If you are an artist seeking to display your work year-round, this is the space for you. Just complete the application through the link below, email five images, an artist statement, and pay your $30 jury fee. The selection committee with be in touch as soon as your application has been reviewed. Click here for the application and to pay jury fee Learn more Learn more Fine Line Creative Arts Center |


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