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Local Author & Illustrator Launch Children's Book: "Animals at the Office"

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

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Artist & Illustrator Devan (L) and Author Sarah Sommer (R) flank an enlarged image of their recent book, ANIMALS AT THE OFFICE, during a recent book signing event in Naperville.

Former Batavia resident and author, Sarah Sommer, recently formed a powerful creative partnership with local illustrator, Devan the Artist, launching their first collaborative picture book -- “Animals at the Office”.

Although written for children ages 4-8 using rhyming text, it could also easily amuse office-working adults who may find themselves surrounded by a menagerie of quirky characters.

Sarah, a gifted professional musician who now holds an office job, has always had a passion for writing lyrics and turning them into melodies. Since the rhythm of words comes easily to her, creating rhyming children’s stories was a natural extension of her abilities.

And because Sarah is also a devoted pet owner that includes fostering dogs, writing about animals is the perfect match to her interests.

“This book is inspired by my own experiences working in an office surrounded by so many different types of people,” Sarah explains. “It carries a message that works for both children and adults -- that it’s OK to ask for help when you need it. It also teaches how to go about finding your place in a group and then honoring how your own individuality can contribute.”

Devan and Sarah were recently featured on the “Good Morning Aurora” podcast, recorded live Saturday, 9/19/2020, from EARTHWISE PETS in Naperville where the two hosted their pre-launch book signing that benefitted the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

The podcast introduced listeners to the world of self-publishing. Since Devan and Sarah are avid self-publishers, they each discussed how they navigate this option for their individual projects as well as collaboratively.

“Even though my book is self-published, I sought out editors in the publishing field for critical feedback,” said Sarah. “Self-publishing gives you so much more freedom. However, you also have to be prepared for all the behind-the-scenes business aspects from taxes and marketing to distribution.”

The best part about launching a book?

“It’s exciting to see my words come to life through Devan’s colorful illustrations,” Sarah sums up. “Visually she has created characters everyone can relate to.”

“Animals at the Office” is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and

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