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Local Artist Enjoys Renewing Her Inspiration Along the Shores of Lake Michigan: Reception 7/22/23

Blue Moon Gallery's Guest Artist: Colleen Steenhagem | Spirit Sticks, Story Stones, Cyanotype & Watercolor Prints Reception and Exhibit coming up -- details below...

PLUS: NEW one-of-a-kind Spirit Hues Pendants made from burned, painted, waxed & embellished driftwood. Each comes on a cord with a small gemstone bead. Great gifts or just something nice for yourself. “The creative process for me is a collaboration with Spirit. I am hopeful that, as with me, this work may elicit an emotion or stir up a vague memory or two of places or moments inspired by mystery and knowing.” -- Colleen Steenhagen

Colleen’s current collection of mixed media art is mostly built upon cyanotypes created from found materials and negatives. With a long history of photography, Colleen has been drawn to the cyanotype process of developing images with the use of the sun in her own backyard in place of a darkroom within the confines of a building. As a mixed media artist, she was excited to work with the cyanotypes as the initial layer in a multi-stepped experience of discovery.

Each piece developed on its own as Colleen intuitively combined imagery, pencil, pastels, paint, fabric, stitch and wax, etc.

Opening Reception — Saturday, July 22, 6-9pm

On view through August 20 | Open Weekends 1-4pm.

Blue Moon Gallery | 18620 Belvidere Road | Grayslake IL


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