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Last Sunday's Award Reception at Norris Gallery's Watercolor 2023 Show Spotlighted 9 Winners

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Three Awards of Excellence winners include (L to R): Thomas Trausch, Judge Joan Bredendick, Pattie Linden Seifrid, IWS, and Wendi Lam. Scroll down to see their award-winning work along with six Honorable Mention winners...

The juried Watercolor 2023 show at the Norris Cultural Arts Center Gallery, 1040 Dunham Road in St. Charles, IL, runs through April 16, 2023, showcasing 71 exceptional watercolor creations from artists residing within 50 miles.

An award reception was held Sunday, March 12, recognizing nine outstanding pieces with three Awards of Excellence and six Honorable Mentions presented.

Award recipients are as follows:


Wendi Lam; “Gadsden Gallery:

Thomas Trausch; “Life Goes On”

Pattie Linden Seifrid, IWS; “I’ll Take the Backroads”


Dick Cholke; “Shopping in Galena”

Dan Danielson; “Selfie by Elsie”

Fatima Figueriredo; “Steep Steps”

Dennis Gramlich, “Lunch at the Gage”

Hannah King; “Searching”

Kathleen Manning; “Love You”

HONORABLE MENTION winners (L to R) are: Dennis Gramlich, Fatima Figueiredo, Hannah King, Kathleen Manning, Judge Joan Bredendick, Dan Danielson, and Dick Cholke.

This year’s judge, Joan Bredendick, takes her role very conscientiously when appraising a show for awards. She walked through the Norris gallery three times, taking copious notes on the third round, and then went one step further. She wrote up her critique comments for each of the nine award winners describing what struck her with each painting. From appraising composition, color, lights/darks, to her own emotional response about the story within, she gave each artist important feedback, not only about their technical expertise, but also the emotional response it evoked.

“I know what it’s like to have your work judged and never hear a word about it,” Joan explains. “Artists work alone in their bedroom or studio and would really like to know the viewer’s response and why. I think it’s important to share your interpretation as a judge, even though it is subjective, so that an artist isn’t just left hanging without important feedback about what they’ve accomplished.”

The watercolor show has a lengthy and well-respected history dating back more than four decades. This year’s co-chairs were Mary Ellen Segraves and Becky Blaine.

Gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday 11 AM to 4 PM -- be sure to stop by!

"Gadsden Gallery" AWARD OF EXCELLENCE; Wendi Lam

AWARD OF EXCELLENCE "I'll Take the Backroads" by Patti Linden Seifrid, IWS

AWARD OF EXCELLENCE "Life Goes On" by Thomas Trausch

Award-winning judge, teacher, and prolific artist, JOAN BREDENDICK, with one of her own creations on display at the show on Sunday entitled: "Blue Lamb"


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