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Holiday SALE on SATURDAYS and ONLINE from Mays Mayhew in Aurora, IL

LOCATION: 2525 Coach and Surrey Ln Aurora, IL

Dates / Times: Saturdays in Nov. from 12-5p

11/6, 11/13, 11/20

For the next 3 Saturday's in November my studio is open in-person! + 2 different guest artists will be exhibiting each Sat. Enjoy a glass of wine, live music, talk to the artists and peruse art for your home.

Live music each Sat. by Joe Eddy Brown

More information about the event:

Website: www.

Instagram - @maysmayhewartist

Nov. 6th Danielle Piloto - @daniellepiloto Jeffrey Brooks - @jeffrey.equality.brooks .

Nov. 13th Amy Roach from Amy's Atelier - @amysatelier88 Cherylyn from C-Lyn-Studio - @clynstudio . Nov. 20th Michael Coakes - @michaelcoakesart Jessica Fincher - @jessicafincherart


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