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Heralding from Trinidad & Tobago, Well-Traveled Acrylic Artist Captures the Exotic & Far-flung in Her Work

Updated: May 7

Artist, INDRA PERSAD-MILOWE Scroll down to view Indra's artwork...

Indra Persad-Milowe, a Salem, Massachusetts-based artist has learned to distinguish herself from her local counterparts by tapping into the cultural flair of other countries. From Bali and Morocco to Trinidad, the West Indies and Costa Rica, this well-traveled artist captures the look and feel of the places she stays as an artist-in-residence or as a tourist.

When arriving at a new destination, she says: “I look at how people live there, the restaurants where they dine, the food they eat, the temples where they worship and the nature that surrounds them.”

Preferring a bright and colorful palette, she gives her projects much thought and research before embarking upon them. Her goal is for her work to be different and ultimately very original. As a result, her artistry has attracted much attention, awards, and invitations to exhibit across the globe.  

Indra shares the following with Art BEAT:

In my youth I wanted to study art. My interest was in nature, still life and design. I adored my high school art teacher … On my first day in her class, she wrote on the blackboard: “Art is not just a painting hanging up on a wall, art is in every aspect of your daily life.”

My paintings were chosen for the high school’s yearbook for two consecutive years. At age 15, I painted from nature —orchids on a branch. At age 16, I did a still life: a display of an apple, pear, and a bunch of grapes. Those two paintings and all the incredible reviews that came with them lifted my confidence in my artwork. In my adulthood,

I retired from general, ophthalmic and psychiatric nursing in 2019. I had worked in England, Malta, Trinidad and the United States. Through British Nurses Overseas, I was able to work in different countries. Ultimately, I decided to go back to art during my retirement and my preferred medium is acrylic paint.

Her advice to other artists: “Be yourself and do your homework. There are only so many boats and oceans to inundate the art scene. Show patrons something different that can generate more interest.”  

She adds, "I am extremely proud to have received two grants from the Public Art Commission".

Indra’s BIO includes the following:

 "Indra Persad Milowe": A Trinidad born, USA-based, prolific Visual & Public Artist with numerous art exhibitions based on her travels. Details and photographs at 

She is a regular Contributing Artist to the Rotunda Gallery (in the Parliament Building, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies) and to Art Impact International (Washington, D.C.). She was an "Artist-in-Residence" at Mauser Eco House, Parrita, Costa Rica, where she painted a 6 x 6 foot mural on their entrance wall and donated a painting to a local restaurant: "Mirador y Restaurante Donde Andres" in Parrita, Costa Rica. Indra has created two public art projects in Salem, MA: "Kailash: The Art Box in Derby Square" and "Mirabai: The 22 Bollards on Artists Row". In her studio, she has painted two 6 x 6-foot murals, "Tulsi" and "Rishi". 



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