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Friday's Local Art Receptions Brimmed with Fun, Talent & Meaningful Pieces--See them here!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Geneva Center for the Arts (GCA) and Water Street Studios both hosted events Friday evening, Sept. 9, 2022, from 6-9 PM. Pictured above is the entrance art at GCA by Tracy Frein titled: "When Sadness Veils Your Vision with Despair", colored pencil on drafting film. Scroll down to view art from both shows.

Lots going on in the Fox Valley area last Friday spotlighting the lively visual arts scene. Art BEAT attended two events -- Geneva Center for the Arts (GCA), 321 Stevens Street, Suite Q, and the 13th Anniversary show at Water Street Studios, 160 S. Water Street in Batavia. Here's what we discovered...

GCA's exhibit will definitely instigate dialogue with its painfully, all too common, subject matter, such as verbal and emotional abuse. If you're looking for a show that will make you stop, think and want to make a difference, this is it. GCA's board president wrote this about it: "Explore art as a means of self-expression. Art as therapy. Art connects us together and exposes our own humanity. Art is a vehicle that allows the artist and the subject to unearth and convey emotions that are too difficult to verbalize, while helping them accept and move forward from life’s turmoil and struggles."


WATER STREET STUDIOS' well-attended 13th Anniversary Show was a true celebration and a credit to its hospitable, capable new leadership, Executive Director James Tracy, and Gianna Bisogni, Events & Marketing Manager. The range of talent on display, in a great variety of mediums, was fun to view along with chatting to the artists standing nearby eager to meet and greet guests. Be sure to swing by its gallery soon to view these works, if you weren't able to attend on Friday. Scroll down to see some of the pieces that caught our eye...

Below: Next four photos are from the GENEVA CENTER FOR THE ARTS followed by photos from WATER STREET STUDIOS...

Artist: Patricia Davoust; Schrodinger's Good Girl Box...artist statement in photo below.

Artist Patricia Davoust, part of her multi-element installation TARGET piece.

Artist, TRACY FREIN, Picture of My Dreams, colored pencil on drafting film.


Artist, GREG SCHWEITZER, Delivery Man, oil on canvas

Artist, CARLY PALMER, poses proudly with her two paper collage pieces -- over her right shoulder --titled, TICK TOCK (upper) LIKE THE BACK OF MY HAND (lower).

Artist, David Wensel, DECLINATION DAY LILY, photo print

Artist, Jeffrey Baylor, DAD

Artist, Martrell Webb, "the_KING, photo

Artist, Steve Clevenger, JEANICE, oil on canvas


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