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First Solo Show for Artist Lisa Holmes Hosts Open House Sat. 4/20/24 from 2-4 PM with Art Activities for Children at Nature's Best Cafe in Naperville, IL

Dialogue with the artist, LISA HOLMES:

AB: Are you the only participating artist? What is your medium?

YES. It's my first solo show. I create art from pieces of nature I find in the moment. I also use found objects. Once created, I leave it there for passersby to enjoy. OR, I recycle or toss the trash and return nature to its proper place. The artwork is a digital photograph of the image. 

AB: How many artworks are in the show, and are they available for purchase?

12 limited-edition photographs are on display and available for purchase.

AB: Please provide the address and business hours of this location. 

1904 Brookdale Road, Suite 104

Naperville, IL



Mon-Thurs: 7AM-3PM

Friday: 7AM-7PM

Saturday: 9AM-7PM

Sunday: Closed

AB: Has there been an artist's reception yet for this show? If not, include the

dates/times. Saturday, April 20th ...

2PM - 5PM Open House Event. 



Facebook: @Whimsycity




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