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DuPage Art League's MARCH MADNESS Exhibit...Winners Announced

Updated: Mar 5

BEST IN SHOW: The theme of "March Madness" was beautifully captured in this traditional Chinese brushwork piece on rice paper by Alice Matthews. (Apologies for the reflections in this photo). The show was judged by Art BEAT publisher, Lynne Kornecki, on Friday, March 1, 2024, Scroll down to see the work of other winners.

Be sure to stop by the DuPage Art League, located at 218 W. Front Street in Wheaton, IL, to view the forty-two pieces of original art currently on display.


BEST IN SHOW -- above: Alice Matthews, "Over the Forbidden City"

Judge's comments: Using the technique of traditional Chinese brush work on rice paper, Alice has captured a scene of natural beauty with the graceful swooping of many cranes. Beautifully rendered with great detail, both in foreground and background, Alice has created an arresting image filled with detail for the viewer to admire. Her judicious use of color helps both ground the eye yet give the piece aerial motion. Although the main focus is bird activity, the sturdiness of the city wall and pavement bricks below add cohesiveness and stabilization.

BEST OF THEME: Tom Finn, "Chuck Taylor All Stars"

Judge's comments: I found this piece fascinating because of the 3-D effect the artist has created using a challenging medium, scratchboard. The realistic shoe looks as though it is extending outwards directly toward the viewer – almost as though he has achieved an optical illusion. The limited color palette of the shoe and the worn details on it help contribute to its outstanding realism. If March Madness is the month of great collegiate basketball, then this shoe reflects the theme well.


Lisa Lucaccioni, "Winter Into Spring", acrylic

Judge's comments: The artist has beautifully captured the glowing sky through the snow-laden trees. Little hints of green along the ground hint at Earth’s upcoming rebirth. Snow is beautifully depicted with all its subtle and reflective qualities – great color choices here. Fine brush work illuminates the tree details so well and places the viewer deeply within the scene. Excellent composition teases the eye to look further and further into the grove beyond.

Mai Husseini, "A Visit", acrylic

Judge's comments: This captivating piece reveals a wildly interesting story between a man and a woman. The energy between the two figures and the use of color to identify them is riveting making the viewer wonder, “is this a welcome or an unwelcome visit?” There is so much line detail and imaginative use of color, that it is a piece a viewer would not tire of looking at. Each view reveals another subtle piece of information about this scene.

Ken Kucera, "Waterfall"

Judge's comments: So many natural elements grace this painting from the rush of the waterfall to the complacency of the sturdy rocks lining the shoreline. The artist has created an arresting natural scene where the viewer can almost hear the water and enjoy the blue sky above. Foreground and background work together well with a lovely, calming palette of colors that are simultaneously realistic and soothing.       

Honorable Mentions: Mary Dorrell, Sue Thomas, Joan Kalmarek, Barb Finn, Darlene Edwards, Olivia Bergancline, Roberta Tassara, Jennifer Hauser, Fran Puglise, Dixie Lee Hadley, and Marianne Lynch.



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