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Downers Grove's September 2024 Fine Arts Festival Application Deadline is April 2, 2024...details here!

Here's a list of what the organizers need for this upcoming juried show...

Ceramics, drawings, fiber, glass, graphics, handmade and hand painted furniture, jewelry, metal work, mixed media, paintings (watercolor, oil, acrylic), photography, pottery, printing, sculpture, or items of original design and exceptional quality.


Lithograph, serigraph and similar properly signed and numbered works must be limited to 10% of work displayed. Commercial prints of artist original works may be shown in flip bins only and must be clearly identified.


All works displayed must be original in design, assembled and completed by the artist. Purchased gems may be used in original designs. No strung beads (stock beads) are allowed. Absolutely no prefabricated or pre-assembled jewelry is allowed in pieces displayed. High quality beads made from gold, ceramic, paper, etc. may be used.


Prints must be original and hand-printed by the displaying photographer alone. No black and white or colored copies using any non-photographic or commercial methods are allowed.



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