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Design a Sock Contest for Cash Prizes Up to $2,000!! Check out the details here...

Here's your chance to step into your own creativity -- HA!! has an upcoming design-a-sock contest with details outlined below about its latest competition. Winners will be announced on or about August 30, 2023. Shop through the past winning designs using the link at the article's conclusion...

Design-a-Sock is your chance to tell us what you want on our socks, and maybe win the opportunity to see it produced. It also happens to be one of our favorite times of year! We get to see thousands of amazing designs and interact with all of you in a way we wouldn’t otherwise. That said, we do sometimes need to sleep and eat, so we created this FAQ to answer some of your questions during this busy time. If you don’t find your question here, please leave a comment and we’ll add it!

Who is eligible to enter?

This contest is international and open to people 18 and older! Parents and legal guardians of children under 18 also may submit designs created by their children. Residents of the following countries are not eligible to enter or win: Afghanistan, Belarus, Burma/Myanmar, Central African Republic, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Montenegro, North Korea, Russia, Syria, the Crimea region of Ukraine, the Donetsk People’s Republic region of Ukraine and the Luhansk People’s Republic region of Ukraine, (collectively, the “Restricted Territories”).In addition, individuals who are subject to any applicable governmental sanction or restriction administered by the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control are not eligible to enter.

Where do I enter my design?

You can complete your entry form and submit your finished design here: Or, after you complete the online form, you can mail it to: Sock It to Me, 9592 SE Main St., Milwaukie, OR 97222, Attn: International Design-A-Sock-Contest. Check the Official Rules for more information about what must be included with mailed entries.

When are entries due?

Entries can be submitted 7/6/23 – 7/31/23. Entries received by mail must be postmarked no later than 7/31/23 and we must receive them by no later than 8/7/23.

How many can I submit?

5 designs per person.

How many colors are allowed per design?

We prefer 6 colors per design, because if a sock with more than 6 colors makes it through the voting process to win, we’ll need to adjust the design for production. All judges will use this preference during the contest because our socks cannot be created with more than 6 colors. Black and white are counted as colors.

What are the prizes?

1st Place: Cash prize of $2,000 and your design may be manufactured on real socks, at our discretion.

2nd Place: Cash prize of $1,000 and your design may be manufactured on real socks, at our discretion.

3rd Place: Cash prize of $650 and your design may be manufactured on real socks, at our discretion.


f we produce a winning design, there is no additional compensation to winners.

When will the winners be chosen?

Winners will be announced on or about 8/30/23.



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