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Cleve Carney Museum of Art's Warhol Exhibit at COD is a Must-See Now Until 9/10/23 in Glen Ellyn, IL

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

A convincing Andy Warhol impersonator mingled among the media crowd and other guests during media preview day of "Andy Warhol Portfolios: A Life in Pop" on Friday, June 2, 2023. See more Warhol art below from this exhibit...

A few of Andy Warhol quotes on display at the exhibit…

  • “Art is what you can get away with.”

  • “In the future, everybody will be famous for 15 minutes.”

  • “The world fascinates me.”

Andy Warhol may have lived only 58 years, but he carved out a celebrity, pop-art legacy that broke barriers still resonating today. A larger-than-life character, his fascination with the famous started in his youth when he mailed requests for fan photographs from the movie stars of the day.

Fast forward to only two short years after his graduation from Carnegie Tech, when still early in his career, he became the highest-paid illustrator in New York City. His memorable illustrations included everything from shoes and stockings to perfume! He even designed department store window displays.

At this well-done, interactive and educational Warhol retrospective at Cleve Carney Museum of Art and the MAC at College of DuPage, you will be transported back in time. About 11,000 square feet of exhibit space has been carved out where visitors can walk through the timeline of his life, experience celebrityhood at Studio 54, and more.

The exhibit features 94 works from the Bank of America Collection on loan through Bank of America’s Art in our Communities® program. And from the College of DuPage permanent art collection, you'll see 157 of his photographs from the 70s and 80s.

Warhol's “office” is recreated with a duplicate desk placed in front of a large photo of his workplace graphically illustrating the day was shot there. It happened on June 2, 1968, when a disgruntled writer, unhappy with their business dealings, shot him through three of his major organs but luckily missed his heart. He survived another 19 years.

Visitors can also step into “Studio 54” complete with mannequins in glitzy outfits of the era, an explanatory video, mirrored ball, and flashing neon lights. Studio 54 was the place where celebrities could be seen and share the latest gossip. It closed in 1980.

Outdoors the patio has been transformed into a Central Park scene dotted with authentic streetlamps and a New York skyline backdrop. Grab a table and enjoy a treat purchased from the snack bar inside and pretend you're in the Big Apple.

If you visit with children, be sure to check out the youth area for a printmaking workshop. And don’t forget to stop in the gift shop before you exit to take home a Warhol-themed souvenir.

Diane J. Wagner, senior vice president, Media Relations with Bank of America said, “I like that this exhibit appeals to all ages, from six to 86. It gives an inside look into Andy Warhol’s creativity. From a selfie station (for visitors) to Studio 54, this exhibit brings together all the different elements that make up Andy Warhol.”

Bank of America’s Art in our Communities® program uses their art collection, which has come to them from many legacy banks now part of Bank of America, for the benefit of the community. The collection has been converted into a unique resource from which museums and nonprofit galleries may borrow complete exhibitions at no cost. Since 2009, more than 170 museums worldwide have borrowed exhibitions from this program. As part of the Warhol promotion, 22 cities within DuPage County have embraced this community art opportunity for their residents from parks to libraries. ###

Warhol was actually an avid consumer of soup, having it most days for lunch!

Recreation of the Studio 54 dance floor graced by Cher and Elton John mannequins.

Sunset I - IV, four screen prints on paper.

Flowers from a portfolio of 10 screen prints on paper.

Warhol gift shop!

Grab a snack and enjoy it outside on the Central Park themed patio with authentic lamp posts!


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