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Check Out "Art in Full Bloom" at Gallery 200 in West Chicago, IL through May Featuring 10 Artists

Updated: May 7, 2023

Artist, Maria Ananieva, poses with her "ART IN FULL BLOOM" display at Gallery 200 in West Chicago, IL during a festive reception for artists, fans, friends and family on Friday, May 5, 2023. Large picture of a bird is "Tranquility" in oil. In the basket on the table are Maria's plein air pieces such as this...

Gallery 200's latest show features the work of 10 participating artists with individual displays in the center of the store. Located at 103 W. Washington in the main business district of West Chicago, hours are Thursday/Friday 2-6 PM; Saturday 10-4; Sunday 12-4.

Gallery 200 is an artist co-op with about 30 members offering a wide variety of opportunities that include art shows, classes, workshops, the chance to sell your work, and even an online store --

See more "Art in Full Bloom" from other featured artists below...

Fused glass artist, Sue Tripp, offers stunning designs at very affordable prices from dishes and candle holders to lamps and pendants!

Sue's giftable daisy picture holder of fused glass is $20!

Britta Renwick poses with some of her jewelry designs. See necklace below...

Artist, Margaret Bucholz, poses with her pop-art, Andy Warhol-inspired work done in acrylic.

Known for her beautiful botanical watercolors, artist Kathi Kuchler, also enjoys making jewelry. See necklace close-ups below...

Kathi's striking necklaces above contain semi-precious stones as pendants and beads.


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